Plea to Sandy the Guv_nor

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Mighty_doh_nut, Jan 1, 2007.

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  1. I have a cheque here addressed to the RBL for £50.00

    For this to find its way to the post box I was after some sort of Gaurantee from yourself that Bradshaw would suffer at yours or one of your colleagues hands for the following reasons.

    1. He is a cnut
    2. He is a cheque bouncing cnut
    3. He is a jack cnut who will leave his colleagues in the lerch
    4. He lacks initiative, moral fibre and a sence of decency
    5. He is a cnut

    I know that point four can be injected into him via the gift of knees to the chest and kneeling gun drills until very very poorly.

    To make the cheque £100 please post a picture of him hanging from a tree on the training area with his locker forced completely up his harris.

    Thanking you in advance for any assistance
  2. MDN, you are a bad, bad man.
  3. Why don't you like Bradshaw, MDN?
  4. Clicky for one reason

    Another.... Convoy and Mr Rigsby spent along time and a lot of money in publishing picking up the brass..... Bradshaw deemed it OK to bounce a cheque for £12.75..... ok no dramas, but to then not replace it and gob off about it is a cnuts trick

    I'm also a bully and the thought of a skinny, no shouldered lightweight gobshite getting beasted by a nasty big paratrooper makes my testicles twitch in a way only Cait in expensive lingerie could.
  5. Ill donate £50 if a picture of him running up a hill in his 2s wearing webbing can be made.
  6. Fair one then.

    Where does he gob off about it?
  7. Having now considered all of the evidence, I withdraw my previous statement. I now consider the fackiwit to be a MAC (man's a cnut).

  8. :wink:
  9. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Plus bank charges....
    Is'nt it against Queens Regs to bounce cheques?
    I got hauled up in front of the Boss once as the feckin bank had tried to take my loan payment early & the was'nt enough in the account to cover it as it had'nt cleared!So they wrote to the RAF!!
    Boss told me if it was'nt sorted I'd be sorted!
    (Sending money from my German Sparkasse account to my UK account)
  10. I've licked the stamp......

    Sandy, have the RBL earned thier gregory peck?
  11. Maybe not yet didn't the bawbag mention that he was off digging trenches on his 1st night back any luck one will have collapsed and crushed his chest or buired him full stop :twisted:
  12. Has the little scrote STILL not coughed up for the book?
  13. ok he sounds like a proper cnut if that had been on the barracks i work on he would have been beaten up
  14. cheque for £50 if I get a photo of that!!

    Bradshaw, cheque bouncing tosser, hang him!
  15. Has the jack cnut paid up yet?