This is a plea to all RQMS CQMS:

Do you have shelves full of dog eared uniform and equipment that you are waiting for DSA to pickup and flog to army surplus stores to sell at daft prices.
Why not donate some of the excess kit to your local Army Cadet Force Unit.

I run a troop with 56 Cadets that parade 2 nights a week and weekends, kids that are proud to wear the uniform of the british army and to be honest most of them look like large bags of soggy!
weekends are spent training with cadets wandering round in 58 pattern webbing that has holes in big enough for a mess tin to fall out the bottom and sharing that set between 2, would you wear it.

If you get bored one evening find your local ACF unit and ask to have a mooch round the unit stores, you will be disgusted you may even think you have walked into a museum or shrine to Dads Army

This is a scrounging plea to you all if you do have gash kit you are throwing in skips or shipping back to DSA to save you getting it folded there are 1000's of instructors in the ACF that would gladly get rid of it for you just ask!!!

Especially in the London  to Birmingham Area, I will personally come and pick the stuff up with a bottle of Port in hand. i could even organise a couple of cadets to clean your car...

If you have got any equipment that you wan't shot of let me know and i will come and get it.

Get in touch if you can help me in any way shape or form.

If not i will have to drink all this port my self and you wouldn't wan't me to do that would you

Many Thanks
A great idea, but heres the problem. Someone at QMG wants to see where all the stuff goes by way of papertrail. If the kit goes to unapproved disposal sources, QMs will be fecked rigid by Civil Servants. If you can find a QM, thats willing to forgo his\her MBE give it a shot.

I'm in the army cadets, i'm part of innsworth platoon, acompany, 1st battalion RGBW. We've got some relatively new webbing, but we could do with more stuff. If any of you are based near RAF Innsworth please drop by. Thanks a lot guys.

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