Plea for help with PhD Research

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Jim_Research, Sep 19, 2005.

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  1. Hi, I am Jim McDermott MSc, a PhD student at Leicester University. I want to interview a number of ex soldiers in the UK who've completed 22 years British Army service & have worked in civilian employment. Any rank up to WO1, any regiment or corps and ideally have left in last 15 years. Names of a number of volunteers will be randomly selected for a 1-hour interview to tell me about their experiences in the transition from military to civilian life. This is part of my PhD research. Anyone who can help please e-mail me on including details of year of discharge and final rank. This is an independent academic study and total anonymity is assured. Thanks Jim.

  3. How is it PERSEC? He's only given his own name and email address? He hasn't dropped anyone in the brown smelly stuff.

  4. No I mean anyone who replies, just something to think about
  5. anyone with any worries about PERSEC could contact leicester uni to confirm the nature of the research and the identity of the researcher.

    on a more general point, an obsession with PERSEC coulds be getting out of hand.

    anyone we've ever sent a CV or application form to knows our work history, our banks, building societies, credit card companies - the 100,000 people who work in the Revenue and Customs, the vast numbers who work for the MOD - all of them know of our previous - or current - service.

    security is not a dirty word, but given the informartion age in which we now live it may be an overused one.
  6. Well said coke can. What I am researching is not a state secret. I want people to find me and send information, why wrap up the comms in pseudo nicknames and dummy e mail addresses? Anyway I am watching this space for time served veterans. :D
  7. Ok Jim
    Given that PERSEC is discussed and doesnt seem to be a BIG issue could you please post in here, details of your tutor, principle etc, just so we can check your legit!

    Of course a phone call is quicker, a telephone number or two would be nice, not yours please. I have 0116 252 2522 but a more specific department would be better.

  8. Jim,

    Check your PM's.
  9. Woah, emptyeye. Let's think about Jim's PERSEC here. The last thing he needs is every nutter with a half-arrsed opinion pestering him on the phone. How about anyone interested pms him with enough basic info to suggest they are legit, but without compromising PERSEC (easy enough I would have thought) and he gives them the phone details by return?

    Rules of the site must apply to everyone, not just serving personnel (or else it would be quite easy to identify serving personnel!)
  10. You can check my bona fide at
    Centre for Labour Market Studies, Leics University, Tel 0116 252 5984. Course Leader Dr Jason Hughes.
  11. Hear what you say, but all I have asked for is details of his course from an independant source, Im certainly not going to phone him, but I might phone elsewhere if details are supplied. If you wanted to phone my boss, I would give you his number, if you wanted to check me out

    Just in this case, I think a PM isnt the way to go. Just a personal view
  12. Jim, what is the subject title of your PhD?
  13. Working title is:
    What factors contribute to the successful transition of army veterans to civilian employment?
  14. In that case , and as I'm unaware of any previous or recent studies specifically addressing this important topic, I'd encourage co-operation , now your bonafides seem to be established Jim.

    I'm sure contributors can keep their own counsel re. sensitive issues.


  15. Thank you. Indeed there are no recent studies on this specific topic although there are millions of words (mainly from the USA) on why veterans do not make a 'successful' transition.
    Thank you for your support. I already have a number of positive responses from veterans who fit the spec and need just a few more.