Plea for calm after city clashes

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by J_D, Oct 23, 2005.

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  1. J_D

    J_D LE

    Full story: BBC news
  2. Why do I feel that this has more to do with simmering tensions between rival drugs gangs then any supposed assualt?
    It's nice to see PTP's favourite MP doing his best to diffuse the situation :p
  3. J_D

    J_D LE

    Its stupid. It goes on all over the UK, the world. Gangs are gangs, its all race or drugs the fighting is about, gang warfare my arse, stupidity more like :roll:

    Very annoying.
  4. Round the lot up and send them on a one way flight (parachutes optional) to Afghanistan :twisted:
  5. J_D

    J_D LE

    If she is illegal, wouldn't she be caught now and dealt with? So she might as well report it.

    But then again, how many people have cried wolf over a rape allegation over the past year or so?

  6. ...and what would you say when you ARE in a tolerant mood? Round them all up and give them a lethal injection?
  7. Ah, frenchperson, how nice of you to comment... Fark orff.
  8. Call me a muppet, but I thought a community leader was an elected local MP or Counsellor who stands for the voice of the people or have I slept through the bit where random people can elect them selves as "Community Leaders"?
    Who are these 40 people???????
  9. hahaha - Voice of the people? more like the voice of their own personal and party's ambition.
    A member of my family used to be a community leader in Lozells all due to the fact that he had the misfortune to be vicar of the local CofE church. But I would say that community leaders by the old 'victorian' definnition also includes: clerics, business people, unionists and local community workers.
  10. Ah Cowboy, but are MPs representatives, representatives or representatives?

    i) An MP represents his / her constituency by being an 'average' person of that constituency and therefore has shared beliefs and values.
    ii) An MP represents his / her constituency by being a spokesperson for that constituency, voting in line with and voicing the majority view on all issues.
    iii) An MP represents his / her constituency by being a 'nanny', voting in a way that the individual believes best serves their own <ahem> their constituents' best interests.

    The police and the victim(s)' and accused(s)' legal representatives should be the only ones involved in this - anyone else should be told firmly to back away and if they continue to attempt to get involved they should be charged with wasting police time and if warranted, breach of the peace. We have due process of law and it's about time people started respecting that.
  11. Dam, I've fallen for their lies yet again!!!!! :oops:
  12. Dozy by name but not by nature, well said!
  13. J_D

    J_D LE

    Dozy, when you running for office? You'd make a better MP than the excuses we have now!

    Vote For DB!
  14. I think In this context Community leaders is referring to the leaders of the various ethnic and cultural groups who reside within the locality of Birmingham.
    I feel that this group would have become involved at the request of the local police as they are often highly regarded and respected within there individual communities, and can therefore assist with police with there work in keeping the peace and getting people to come forward and make statements etc
    Unfortunately it would appear that a small minority with the community choose this opportunity to incite unrest which lead to the events of last night.
    Unfortunately the area in question has a highly diverse population and is one of the poorer areas of Birmingham and is frequently in the news for similar events for example the drive by shooting of the Shakespeare girl.

    I also believe that if the events that lead up to this incident are true, then regardless of weather the young lady involved is an illegal immigrant or not she did not deserve what happened to her, and she deserves a fair trial.

    Rant over, soap box away.
  15. Having worked recently with people form similar communities 'these people' have little understanding about our Police force and our laws, a number because of personal experiances prior to arriving in this country where the 'police force' are corrupt and on the side of the minority not the majority. Therefore the community leaders play an important role in ensuring that the police are able to carry out there roles within the community. by offering reassurance to 'their' community that they are doing the right thing by going to the police or acting as interpreters etc.