PLCE Yoke.

I've seen these a couple of times now or variations on the theme.

Its basically a normal PLCE belt kit but instead of the issue yoke it has what looks very similar to the top half of the Assault vests, with the belt kit attached to the bottom of the vest.

Anyone else come across these are know who, sells them manufactures them?

At the moment I use a camelbac clip to stop the straps slipping off my shoulders when using body armor.

Any thoughts

Thanks for that sorry to dig up old news.

Do Jay Jay do one, never asked but I'm due to pic up some altered pouches from them soon?


from what i read, if jays make made to order kit they should do then for you but the word on the street ( i mean the internet, and when i mean internet i mean this site) is that troopers make the best kit.

what have you done to your pouches? just out of interest and how much did it cost?
I've one of these yokes it' sreally good and troopers kit is and always has been.
However found Jay Jay's great to John is really helpfull and found there belt kit better than the others when I tried some of the other lads kit so bought the Jay jay's set up
Dragon supplies in colchester also do them as well and can also make to your own spec, I have used Troopers before and its not as well made as the stuff from Dragons
I would say it's the other way round, Gary at Dragons ripped off Troopers design, Troopers has been providing this service longer and on his own remissions, Gary agree's that he has a long way to meet the standard of Troopers. If you are willing to pay that little extra for quality then you are not going to get better than Jayjays in brecon (make's most of the kit for the Blades etc)

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