PLCE Yoke questions


I have just purchased a Bergen and it arrived with the yoke attachment to make the side pouches into a daysack. I get how it makes into a day sack no probs, but is this yoke supposed to attach to your webbing too? I czan't see how.

Your help would be appreiated- BTW I am an aussie reservist , thats why I haven't used PLCE before.

No. But the front or downward facing male clips can fit into the female clips on top of the ammo/utility pouches on the front of your rig.

But its shit though. I tried it once and it was only good for standing still.

I've never seen or heard of anyone doing it.
Taffnp said:
No does not attach to webbing, just forms a poor mans daysack]
in best pantomime voice....... oh yes it does, as mentioned the third male fastex clip on the straps fit into the female ones on the ammo/utility pouch, then the short strap on the base of the pouches fit around the belt keeping it all together.
Single pouch from bergan can be attatched to yolk of Plce by the clips and can be attached to the belt by the straps on the bottom of the pouch.
As can both pouches, however it's still shite, you cannot achieve the 2nd Markmanship principle " the weapon must ..."
This link will take you to a pdf file showing how the PLCE bergen side pouches attach to the yoke.


PS: You need to make sure that you have the right sort of yoke before you begin: a full set of PLCE comes with two yokes, which look very similar, one for the webbing and one to make the daysack. The one you want has extra fastex clips on the shoulders and above the hips which correspond with clips on the side pouches.

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