PLCE with rucksack..witch?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Cooper_Avans, Mar 15, 2012.

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  1. Hello dear ARRSE members.Writing to you from Latvia.
    My duty is in Latvian National Guard Team.I have in equipment such stuff like British PLCE system..Very comfortable and really nice stuff, but i have a problem..
    Problem is in that' s way.Usually I' m using standard British patrol pack with PLCE, it fits very good for one-two days training operation.But if i need to use backpack more, it is for small.. :(
    I have trued to use original British Bergan but it is not comfortable for Me (I have trued to use short and long version..)..Question..With rucksack you use on more that two days operation if it is not issued bergan?
    I have viewed Search, have heard about Berghaus bacpacks, Karrimor, Hilander..But still have a question witch will fit best to use it with PLCE system..?

    Hope on you help mates..

  2. Have a look at 58 pattern webbing Vladimir
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  3. Dear Skids, thanks for yours reply.I don't looking for webbing, I have already PLCE system, modern one.But for that i need purchaise a rucksack..
    I need rucsack about 60-80 Littres one..I have found that Karrimor have 60-100 version of backpack, but i don't know, will it fit with PLCE webbing or not.. :(
    May be some one have used this backpack with PLCE..?
  4. [​IMG]

    there is a witch for you, as for a rucksack you are on your own.
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  5. Late the haters hate. I use one of these (without the mask, as that's just plain silly):

  6. Ah but the 58 comes with its own bergen (sort of) as does the PLCE come with its own bergen.

    1 other point I will make is that the karrimor bergen you speak of is 60-100 litres, the PLCE is (I think) 100-120 litres.
  7. It IS uncomfortable, aint that the rub!
    Try carrying less weight in the bag, or more between your legs.
  8. Is that the rarely seen tin helmet carry pouch, looks just like it.
  9. Cooper,

    If you have tried the NI Patrol Pack and the Bergen, now there is the Karrimor SF Predator Patrol, which is nice. It's 45 litres, but put side pouches on and it should do the job.
  10. Green Slime, I have seen the Karrimor SF Predator Pack, but it is a bit small for me..I just want to have between 60-100 liter pack..
    Even with side pockets it cannot give to me full load..So I'm looking for More that 60 (60+Pockets)..But i must fit with PLCE..I don't want to change PLCE for other webbing..So just looking for backpack witch will fit..
  11. Say again?

    May I point you to this website which you could use before you post here again:
    Google Translate
  12. Assuming the OP isn't a wah I suspect his English is far better than my Latvian (although slightly worse than my French)...
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  13. My greek is not too bad, at least the Mrs seems to like it (so long as I use a bit of lube)
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  14. Probably a bit late now, but you could use the All-Arms Bergen (blergh), which is 60l and can take side pouches. You can even get them in MTP.
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  15. I bet the OP has been sat at his PC waiting for just such a gem to come along.