PLCE SMG pouch??

This is my first post in this forum, so if it's misplaced, please beare with me...

I recently stumbled over an smg pouch in a local surplus store (in Copenhagen) and was greatly pussled by it!

It looks exactly like something from the original olive PLCE, however, the only ammo pouches I've been able to get confirmed are the double pouches for the SA80 mag's!

My question is... Is there anyone out there who knows if a 3 mag, olive, smg pouch was ever made for the olive version of the PLCE??? I mean, the Sterling was still in limited use by 1990, so it is a possibilty right? Or is it perhaps an Irish pouch I've stumbled across???

I don't have a digital camera, but I can post a drawing if needs be.

Any help will be much appreciated.
Could it perhaps be for HK MP5? We've several in our armoury that sound like they fit your description. Triple pouch in same type of material and build to that of PLCE. While most are black in colour, there are a couple of OG ones.
There were some SMG pouches made for the old web P'58 system, although they don't seem to have ever been issued. Its possible that SMG pouches were also made up for the butyl nylon version of P'58 that was trialled before the adoption of green PLCE.
Hi again...

Thanx for all the quick answers :D

I know for a fact that it couldn't be a danish pouch, even our trial versions were in the M84 camo and we issued the old M44webbing pouches for the M/49 smg's untill they were faced out.

I've tried to fit an MP5 mag in it and it's a snug fit... though there's room for an MP5 mag with a magpull fitted... which made me think of the sterling mag, since it's a tad longer than the standard MP5 mag!?!?

Foggy_Balla... This may be a stupid question, but are you Irish or Northern Irish??? I mean.. you mention that you have some in your armory, would that be the Irish or English army? :D

Anyway... as a collector of military equipment this thing really got my curiosity going and I'm very gratefull for the help offered in this site!
To satisfy your curiosity mate, I'm an Ulsterman. Born and bred in Northern Ireland. Proud to declare myself as Irish. And I'm now a peeler. We're still carting various HK systems about here just now, including MP5's. Signed my 33 into the armoury before knocking off this morning!
Avester. A photo would really help. Digital cameras are dirt cheap.

I have an example of the P 58 SMG pouches (which looks to have been issued).

I also have a PLCE browning pistol holster which I think is a trials item as it is based on the design of the P 58 holster. Will attempt pictures when i can find the stuff.
I definetely remember the Monkey's using/wearing 3 cell 58 patt smg pouches in Armagh/Dungannon/etc late 70's/early 80's.

I think that they had the same type of fastening system as some of the old 58 patt water bottles pouches....similar to the Energa/KFS pocket on the rifle ammo pouch.

Hope that this helps?


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