PLCE Side Pouch (Daysack)

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Faustic, Oct 20, 2009.

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  1. Hi all. I recently bought a brand new issue assault vest, and now need a plce side pouch to use as a daysack. However, I have a friend who lent me his recently and the fittings were not the same (quick release male part on daysack was too large). This worries me as I will not know if one I buy will fit or not. The one he lent me was fairly old though. Would a webtex fit an issue vest and will a brand new issue one fit the issue vest?

    Sorry, very very chunky and rubbishly put-together post, but I hope you get the idea :D

  2. The buckles on the assault vest dont fit any side pouches (issue ones), apparently they were designed for some daysack to be attached which then didn't happen.
  3. Oh b*llocks
  4. if you send it to troopers of colchester they will put a set of qr buckles on for you.
  5. Or cut a couple of QR buckles off a buckshee pouch, cable tie them to the vest and bobs your uncle!
  6. why do you want to put a daysack pouch on your back ANYWAY?

    doing it that way removes any ability to take it off when getting into a vehicle / taking a pew / (insert other reason to take off daysack here). It will also be far less stable than using a normal daysack.

    just do the easy thing and buy a yoke. It'll be cheaper than Troopers fitting buckles, and more useful.

    Assault vests were designed so that you didn't have to have kit behind you (like with webbing). Putting a pouch on the back is thus a bit of an odd thing to do!
  7. Plus rocket pouches look as poo as a poo thing from poo town, that won last years poo compertition! (so not ally)
    If you need a daysack, buy .................... a daysack. At least then you can take it off as and when you need to without removing all of your essential gear.
  8. Go and buy, beg, borrow or steal the patrol pack rather than side pouches... infinitely more useable, removeable, carries more, is more supportive. And of course it's ally. Trying to weld a jet pack on to anything other than a yoke implies you're trying too hard. :wink:
    Seriously, get the patrol pack.
  9. Haha.
    Patrol pack it is, cheers guys.
  10. Hi all. Does anyone happen t have any pictures of someone wearing an NI patrol pack? Just want to get an idea of how big it looks.

    Cheers all.
  11. you cant be serious, I find it hard to believe that a serving soldier, has no idea of the size of a patrol pack
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  13. Ah ya bastard you got me..

    However.. to mattrlc... WAH!

  14. the shame :(
  15. Hmmmmm, a Wah, or you asking a dumb question? I go for the latter.