PLCE rucksacks

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by REMEbrat, Jan 17, 2007.

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  1. Disregarding its military origins is the PLCE rucksack issued to British troops any good? How does it compare to the many rucksacks of civvie origin, Berghaus, Regatta and Lowe for example?

  2. Unfavourably in every respect except, possibly, durability.
  3. Go for the civvy option everytime!
    They seem to put thought into the design of there kit :D
  4. What do you want to use it for? I've used it for three duke of edinboroughs, cadets and quite a few camping trips with mates (I know I look a tw@t but I can live with it) and it always seems fine to me... after the back and shoulder straps soften up.
  5. PLCE is pretty bombproof. Design is a copy of the older Berghaus Crusader, at one time the last word.

    Quality of the PLCE is good, its a better issue sack than the Yanks, French, Spanish or Canadians get although the Dutch still go for the Berghaus Vulcan.

    PLCE is probably still one of the best issue bergens in the world, but civillian models where companies are always developing something new to kep ahead of the pack are almost always going to be better, certainly more comfortable.

    Even Highlander make a decent quality 90 litre green bergen with decent padding adjustable back system for very little money, and I mean it if you look at the latest products they are not bad. They are not as rugged as PLCE but you pay extra for that by moving up to the Karrimoor Sabre and Lowe Alpine bergens.

    The Berghaus Vulcan looks old fashioned by comparison but bridges the gap between comfort and durability.

    Ever noticed how the Brits still make the best sacks?

  6. I'm pretty sure they use the Lowe Alpine Saracen nowadays.
  7. Typical I'm out of date again!