PLCE pouches - fastening.

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by EX_STAB, Mar 11, 2010.

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  1. I was looking at getting another utility pouch for my webbing but most of the ones available seem to have different fastenings to the issue ones:

    Eg they have this type:

    (Yes I know that is an ammo pouch)

    As opposed to my issue ones that have this type:


    Have they been changed or are the ones with the black fastex buckles some aftermarket types?
  2. The fastex buckles tend to be an add on or custom made, though if mounted with the female fixed to the pouch upside down, as it were and the male to the lid they too can be fastened one handed.
  3. This could be a wah but I'll give you a sensible answer.

    They are aftermarket jobbies, any surplus store have them or ask the stores bloke for one on a 1033(dont laugh).
    He may feck you off till CiC is done.

    Word of warning though, if you buy one keep the/a receipt so you dont get pestered to: hand it back in.
    where the fook have you nicked that from
  4. They look like Vanguard (Good), HM Supplies (Good) or Webtex (Bad) ute pouches.

    Not Spanish Fly, (Fly Agaric) just Spanish Army, who were the first to use them. I think they are actually a British design.

    They are good for water bottle and ute pouches because you can lock them off by passing the upper pull tab on the lid through the eyelet on bottom and then pulling the tongue through so its tight.

    But for ammo pouches, I prefer the velcro slap tabs a la Vanguard or HM Supplies

    [Edit: They are Web-Tex! - Avoid!]

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  5. NO not a wah and I wasn't thinking of taking extra on CIC!

    Years ago I had a DPM set of ARKTIS webbing when we were still on 58 pattern. I sold it on when I left. It had a similar arrangement of fastex buckles. I was thinking that they could be made to close one handed easily enough but they all seem to be the wrong way round.

    Opening and closing with gloves on is something that most of these designs seem to fail at.
  6. I meant dont be surprised if the stores wont issue a spare out till cic was done, Not dont take them on CIC.

    As for the clips as someone has mentioned have a look at kitmonster website I'm sure they have something that would suit.

  7. Health warning: The advice above comes from a rather overweight Cadet AI with the miltary experience requsite for that role.
  8. Seen!

    I'm sure it is well intentioned advice. :)
  9. yup probably
  10. The buckles that are mounted onto the pouch itself are f$$KIN gash, if they break you are proper scuppered at least with a QR clip you can replace easy enough. Spanish Buckles are far harder to break.
  11. I like those.

    I might start making stuff myself. I made some odds and bits last week. Could do with a heavier duty sewing machine though.
  12. If you buy bulk, cheaper...I have shite loads of them :)
  13. And since the female mounts (fnarr!) into four holes punched into the pouch you can replace a broken one with the help of a leatherman.
  14. I'll bear that in mind. I think I might build myself a complete rig, I'll probably buy some tatty PLCE to start with though for the dimensions, don't get to take mine home... :(

    One thing with the PLCE ammunition pouches is that with wear they lose the "box" structure and are harder to put magazines in and out of.

    Reckon I ought to build it up on a tailors dummy too.
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