PLCE Medic side pouch/pocket in OG

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by dw192065, Mar 21, 2013.

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  1. After one of these in OG, thing that's bugging me in i can get a DPM one for £20 and yet to get an OG, the cheapest i can find it , anyone know where i can get an olive green one for a more realistic price? I'm a bit of a vain **** and just can't bring myself to mix DPM and OG kit.
  2. I have a DPM one you can spray olive green for £19.99
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  3. I'll have a look in me stash. Does it have to be in mint condition?
  4. Don't undercut me that's just Jack.
  5. not it doesn't, would be handy if it had the mest pockets in it though (and i know i could get a DPM one and recolour it but thats too much like hardwork)
  6. Rightyo - I'll see what I can do!

    What I meant to say was I have some decent olive green paint going cheap if you like. :)

  7. I reckon £15 for my pouch and £4.99 for your paint and he still saves himself a penny.
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  8. What a thing it was to witness, twenty years ago, the first faltering steps of the billion pound empire 60 CC_TA Megacorps Inc.
  9. CC and Whiskey, how much will you charge for your side pouches? Im after a pair if you are selling?
  10. Clunge - To you, £49.95 for the pair available in the following colours:

    > Hunter Killer Green
    > Tactical Takedown Tan
    > Sniper Elite Brown
    > Hello Kitty Pink

    I'll PM you my address to post your cheque to.
  11. Hello Kitty pink sounds mega, would match my bedding. Used DPM would also be ok.
  12. greetings and salutations...........

    genuine sas/para/Rm/ medic og side pouch for sale, can provide blood, brain matter, sand, dust, artic snow on said items......
    just a snitch at a few extra groats.............
    i will even make you famous with a nice story how they were on the last helo out of iraq, afgan,

    pip pip
    happy to help

  13. Pinstripe grey, if you have one - to match my M&S issued urban assault camo uniform.
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  14. have you tried here ?it says its in stock PLCE Medic Pouch