plce maxi-load field pack

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by sazzz, Sep 21, 2009.

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  1. hiya, sorry if this is allready a topic but i couldent find one, basically, what do people think of This???

    thanks for any advice.
  2. oh, also im gonna be taking it on 3 days away, complete with long hikes, so again any info would be helpfull.
  3. are you a cadet?

    if it's an expedition-type long hikes out and about, it's probably not best. it's designed for soldiers in war zones. I thought looking at it and reading the description would have told you that.

    if you read through there's a million cadet posts on here. best things you can do are:
    • go on cadet forums and ask there...
    • tell people on here what you want to do, not just link to cadet direct and ask 'is this good?' 'what about this?' etc
    • go buy a rucksack designed for hiking, not for fighting the taliban.

    if it needs to be armyish, check out the Karrimor stuff. link is in the 'daysack ideas' thread. the karrimor stuff has airmesh back so as you're not going to be wearing body armour it's likely to make it more comfortable than that motherlode rip off.

    they're both available in warry colours but originate from pro walking designs not pro-soldiering designs.
  4. £89.95? You can hire a Sherpa for less than that.
  5. yeah, im a cadet, and i did read it and thus wasent sure about the sutibility, however a friend recomended it, so i thought i would ask. it is the sort of size im looking for, it has to be in dpm, and i allways tend to lose small things in a large rucksack, and this has multiple pockets to try and solve that.
  6. It really has to be DPM? Not that you'd just rather it was DPM? Why not just buy a cheaper daysack and a DPM cover for it?
  7. Im sure cadets will happily let you have an olive daysack - or as BZ says a DPM / Green cover over a civvy rucksack.

    'a friend recommended it' so what does that stand for? is a friend a cadet? instructor? soldier?

    reality is 3 things (again):
    • people recommend things 'cos they cost them a bomb and like to convince themselves it's worth the money. seeing you buy one too helps convince them.
    • people recommend things 'cos they're good, but they've never tried anything else. when I started cadets, and I tried 58 webbing, I thought it was well good. but I'd never seen PLCE or tried it.
    • people recommend things from one environment, but it doesn't mean it fits all environments... 'the Ferrari Enzo is much nicer to drive than a Land Rover 90' - true. but that means feck all if you're planning on a jungle expedition. likewise it's all well and good if you're SAS mate says it was awesome on a 30 day mission in Afghan, but if you're going hiking in Brecon for 3 days in the p*ssing rain it's a different matter.

    as a cadet, you really don't need to spend £100 on a warry rucksack. those types of thing are great for soldiers in Afghan, but often useless for what you want. it'll have limited back support, and it's very 'deep' which whilst it's good for grabbing kit without turfing everything out across the ulu, is less good for walking as you want things close to your body.

    also remember most of what we're building for the forces at the moment assumes that you're wearing body armour BETWEEN you and the bag. you're not.

    those karrimors I mentioned are probably the best cross between a good walking rucksack and a military rucksack. in cadets, you don't need to be half as army-ish as you think. looking after your back and having a comfortable weekend will leave you far happier than somebody who dresses like he's off to war tomorrow.
  8. Do you have to carry all your food and water for the 3 days?

    If not, you should be able to get everything you need in an All-Arms bergen, skeleton webbing and side pouches if neccessary. You should get this issued (maybe not the webbing)

    Save your money for essentials like fags, beer and Jazz mags
  9. I agree that a DPM cover on a green or black pack is the best solution. IMHO a DPM cover is better cam than a DPM pack, and you can use the pack without the cover when you are not with the cadets.

    Granted a cover adds to the cost. The Snugpak packs come with DPM and desert covers included in the price, however, I have not used one so I cannot recommend one.
  10. It's a lot of money, plus you mention 'losing things in a large pack'. 40 litres is not a large pack'. For that sort of money you could get something a hell of a lot more flexible.
  11. So even if it 'must' be DPM - I got an Arktis patrol pack off ebay for £20. It's pukka as it's a good daysack by itself, but if you add the side pouches to it (it comes with PLCE zips) it's about the right size to make a weekend / overnight bergen. If you're doing a short ex it's really useful for such things. It's not as comfortable as a civvy rucksack so I stand by what I said if you're off on a predominantly-walking jolly.