PLCE Bergen conversion ideas?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by REstitcher, Dec 14, 2007.

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  1. As the title says i'm looking for sensible ideas on what to do with the issue PLCE bergan long & short back?
    I'm already converting them with the double/triple utility pouch on the front after removing the zip pocket.
    Any other suggestions ? :D
  2. Quick release clip on right shoulder strap, ala air support bergen.

    Possibly MOLLE racking on front of bergen instead of utility pouches, can add what you want then.
  3. Long or short back?

    You havent got both, have you?

    I havent seen it done but an insulated hydration compartment, where you could stuff your source or camelbak under the lid/somewhere inside sounds like a good idea, N'est ce pas?
  4. No walt i just have my own short back but i convert other lads kit.

    ah: yeah i've thought about the MOLLE approach, but would you really want the small pouches scattered on the outside of your bergan, might be better on the patrol sack?
    Not sure about the quick release clip? but it's an idea that is easily done.
    Cheers for the comments
  5. i suppose the hydration compartment could go under the lid, or on the side if it'll fit with the side pocket. An idea i hadn't thought about, cheers walt
  6. When you take off the single pouch at the front to have the triple put on, why not have it sewn above the triple on it's side, good for burgen cover. Also have the back of the lid slashed off the main compartment and get expander straps put on, I can't tell you how much better it is (the lid becomes a floating lid. when the burgen's full it's easy to secure lid properly) I have also had single ammo put on the front of the side pouches.
  7. yeah i have a bergan on the floor at the moment, double utility on front and was toying with the idea of putting the removed pouch on the front as you said, not seen it done before, the floating lid idea is great recently saw a civvy rucksack with it, may give that a bash.
  8. Also fitting zips across the roof of the top flap for team medic/side pouch.
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  9. have you seen that done blob or is that just an idea?
  10. Remove the front pouch leaving enough space for 3 rd rocket pouch to zip up with L and R. using molle strips above them for extra strapping access.

    As blob suggests floating lid, have inside zip repositioned at rear for hydration system also slide top outer zip to front so neither zip is mistaken at night time.
    Thicken the front harness for extra comfort with quick release on right hand side. have better attachment strips for additional items bead counter hydration hose to slip in to so its not being annoying.

    Who uses the waist belt when they have vest or webbing on If you don't use it gtf it
  11. Had it done mate, it's the same as the air assault/SF bergan lid (where I got the idea).
  12. That idea with the extra zips on the front for med side pouch could work, the MOLLE PALS strapping system on front would be quite easy to put on.
    When you say thicken the front harness, do you mean the shoulder straps? i've made a few pads with velcro to fix to the shoulder straps
    the idea of extra strips maybe elastic for camelback.

    Plenty of good ideas so far. thanks :)
  13. blobmeister ,

    Any chance i could get a photos of the lid?
    I am sat here with the lid off the bergan thinking of the best way of doing it but if someone already has done it might as well see their way.
    I'm going to attach 3 x 25mm ladder locks same as the shoulder straps. with enough strap to adjust. Not sure how high this lid need to extend?

    If you can help that would be great.
  14. Both Lowe Alpine and Macpac do floating lids - if you have access to either of them it could give you an idea.
  15. woksmuggler thanks for that i'll have a look now