PLCE Bergen, Changes you'd like to make

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Regiment646, Mar 7, 2005.

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  1. Hi fellers, I Design and make custom made packs And would like your help.
    What do you Like and Dislike about your PLCE Bergen .
    What would you like to add on or Change?
    Thanks for your time and input.
    Yours Regiment 646
  2. If you're thinking of producing, how about the following...

    Compatibility with PLCE side pockets.

    Expandable lid pocket, detatchable, with own yoke capable, when fully expanded of taking standard side pockets. Gives you a boatload of carry options.

    Tight fitting elasticated net to enable positive bungee attatchment of odd sized loads.

    Fully adjustable harness system, the Lowe Alpine APS system could be used as a "model", should be able to raise main pack clear of webbing, regardless of the users height.

    Extension of the frame outside of the pack, not a totally external frame but enough to allow a "shelf" to be attatched for radios or similar equipment.

    Internal hanging pocket with quality lock and made of a cut resistant material for small, high value personal items.

    A balance system comparable with those on top of the line civvy-kit (see the Lowe Alpine "crossbow" system).

    Hip belt with PLCE compatible attatchment band to enable a utility or water bottle pouch to be carried.

    That should be an expensive little number, although having said little if using the current bergan as a size guide all options should give in the region of 140 litre capacity...

    I'd buy one. If you could do it for <£300
  3. 1. The current bergan is quite restrictive for carrying bulky kit, especially when you're on a trooping flight and are trying to pack everything you need for six months, or you're doing a para drop and are carrying half the signals kit, etc. What is needed is a way to be able to bulk out when necessary: maybe make the main compartment 130+ litres, but have a speed-compression system (ie zig-zag cord draws) down the sides like you get on climbing packs.

    2. If keeping the same volume, at least make it wider at the bottom (like the old Berghaus Crusader it was copied from) so that a standard pair of boots will fit down there - or Radio batteries, etc.

    3. Staying on the "volume" theme, enlarge the top lid pocket, but make it expandable to a very large size (30litres? Sometimes I carry a Berghaus Munro strapped to the top) with some sort of compression system.

    4. How about a big mesh panel covering the whole back to use as a quick kit-stuffing place - ie for waterproofs/ NBC kit/ CBA (when the RAF won't let you wear it in the a/c) etc?

    5. Provide a means of tucking away all of the straps - especially the waist belt - for para/ hanging your bergan on the outside of the wagon/ trooping flights, etc.

    Apart from that lot, not much else to change......

  4. zip at the bottom so you can get to stuff that you accidently put down there. make it shorter so that when you are lying down you can look up.
  5. I've had a look at Smamit's website, and like the look of some of the stuff. It would be useful to have an idea of prices and transit times to UK.
  6. I always thought the sas/para bergan of old was a pretty good design the bag bit not the frame .The issuse bergan is a cheap rip off
    of a good commercial design but still not purposelly designed for the
    military .The net on the back would be a good idea.or small pockets
    like the alice pack had (this always seemed a good idea though never used an alice pack so dont know if they were useful)
  7. Adding to what BigJobs said, Berghaus have something called an 'occipital cavity' on their kit. Feel the back of your head, and you'll come across a lump. The 'occipital cavity' avoids this occipitial protuberance hitting the bergan, allowing you to tilt your head back.

    This could possibly be enlarged to allow a kevlar room to move, if combined with an appropriate back system.
  8. Integrated foldaway camp bed sleeping system

    Small solid fuel-burning hot water supply

    Speed draw holsters on hip belt for twin Webley-Fosberry revolvers

    Broadband modem circuitry integrated into stitching

    A real 'jet pack' and foldaway stick/throttle

    Anti-gravity generator to cut in when load exceeds 15 lb
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  9. Not forgetting some Network Enabled Capability.
  10. Invisible compartments capable of carrying bricks (Recruits for the use of) and a visible (adjustable by DS to compensate for bricks) scale showing the gross weight so that anyone finding the invisible compartments gets spotted :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
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  11. the backpack out of rogue trooper would be a good starting point :lol:
    if we are getting silly :)
  12. Definitely a crossbow or cantilever system to keep it up , and off the back.

    Get more weight in it as well.
  13. Serious suggestion: make the plastic bits available separately so extra things can be attached/unattached with a bit of sewing, or repairs done when stuff gets mullered.

    e.g. helmet to belt-kit.
  14. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    Ahhh ! Webley-Fosberrys !

    The way fwd !
    In the 'not so silly' arena:

    1. The ability of the bergan to take more weight without the stitching coming away from the shoulder straps entry onto the back of the bergan.

    2. A 'snatch' pack that fits under the lid (or a lid that'll cover the munro or patrol pack)

    3. Elasticated straps over the back

    4. Tie aways for straps when parachuting etc

    5. Zip at the bottom with snow lock cover (as per Crusader2)

    6. Drainage holes at the bottom of main pack and side pouches (ability to cover these up again!)

    7. Waist belt able to accept PLCE pouches without harry maskers

    8. Zips to attach third side pouch over mess tin pouch

    9. Extendable pouch on lid, not interfering with movement when prone

    10. Chest straps

    11. Side compression system, better than the straps provided that still allows you to carry a side pouch

    Off the top of my head thats it and I know others have posted similar