PLCE Bayonet Frog Attachment to Utility/Water Pouch

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by sixty_three, Aug 30, 2010.

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  1. How do you attach the Bayonet Frog to the Pouch, is there a standard way to do it ?

    I have heard this is common practice to save space on the PLCE Belt and to attach it to the pouch instead.

    Thanks for your help Fellas
  2. Take the pouch to either:

    HM Supplies
    etc and they will stitch a couple of webbing bands to the side of the pouch to facilitate this...simples!
  3. Thanks Mate
  4. Why not stitch some green elastic to the side of the pouch yourself? far less expensive than getting troopers et al to do it...
  5. Or two strong cable ties 'looped' around your belt, then two or three smaller ties around the frog and through the vertical belt ties? The frog is the sideways on.
  6. Do we still use bayonets!
  7. I did in Afghan.
  8. hello mate, get sharp knife and place the frog against the side of your pouch in the position you want/need it. make small hole on either side and top/bottom get some thick cable ties and put one through top and bottom then one diagonal across. use a pair of pliers to pull them tight.
    job done although for piece of mind i always used to tie para card through the frog and onto the black metal buckle on the pouch just incase anything broke or became loose etc
  9. dragon supplies charge 3quid to tailor bayonet frog loops onto your utility pouch. 3 quid is about the same as a burger! cant go wrong!
  10. Utility pouch? You've got it all wrong. You should black nasty the thing upside-down to the front left strap of your yoke.
  11. That'll do it. To stop the cable ties ripping the pouch put the little bit of clearish platsic from ammo cans inside the pouch under the ties. Helps stiffen the pouch and stop the bayonet bouncing around too.
  12. I suppose this works best for people who don't have daysacks / bergens / radios etc.

    Nice thought though.

    My concern with the cable tie method would be this: When the scabbard was inside the frog, it would all fit tight and snug. When the scabbard wasn't in, would this fit not be lost resulting in the pouch either falling off or flapping around? Never tried it so dunno, it seems logical though. If enough people here have already achieved a good result it seems the failsafe method as it doesn't involve modifying anything and you can always revert to the old way by simply cutting off the cable ties.

    Looking at a set, what would people think to the idea of cutting 2 slits in the side of a utility pouch the width of the frog's belt loop; then using green tape inside the hole to ensures the split doesn't extend with wear; then simply sliding the belt loop on the frog into the utility pouch via the top hole and back onto the frog through the second hole. Provided you could find a way to stop the split getting bigger (ie green tape / sewing), I can't see any reason why that wouldn't leave the frog sitting neatly on the side of the utility pouch.
  13. I have mine attached horizontally to the bottom of my yoke above the pouches. Use one set of press studded straps around each yoke strap, secured with tape if required.
    It sits nicely in the small of my back, out of the way of any snag hazards. The handle is easily accessible, even with a daysack or bergen on.
  14. When you put your ammo pouch on, only put the belt through the two loops and don't stick the black plastic tabs into the belt slots, this then leaves a perfectly sized space for your bayonet frog to be inserted between the pouch and the belt and when attached with the plastic tabs and poppers it also secures your ammo pouch in place perfectly. It can help to cut off the plastic tabs and velcro bits on the ammo pouch if it's a spare one and you don't mind experimenting, i certainly found it a great way to save space and also keep the bayonet in a very easily reached position. :)
  15. This is what I did on my old webbing and it worked fine, I never bothered to reinforce it and the holes never got any bigger. Although I attach my scabbard to my ammo pouch not my utility pouch