PLCE & Basha wanted

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Whisper, Apr 3, 2009.

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  1. Nephew is a space cadet and is getting into bushcraft and is off in 2 weeks time for a weekend camping. I have given him a load of my old kit. All I am missing is some PLCE and a basha for him. If anyone has any going cheap then please drop me a PM.

    Just to put minds at rest, the kid has no desire to join crab air, he wants to join the RA, he just likes gliding. :!:
  2. msr

    msr LE

  3. At least he's got style ! Drop me a PM with you address I think I have a buckshee DPM basha kicking about.
  4. Cheers Msr, must have missed that one in my search!
  5. Thanks mate, PM sent.
  6. Thanks to 12Minden I have managed to source a basha. Just need the PLCE now, would appreciate anyone who ha a spare set knocking about to drop me a PM.

    Cheers guys
  7. Come on guys someone must have some PLCE floating round they want to flog?
  8. I might be able to help. I'll have a look for you today and let you know.

    T C
  9. That would be great, thank you mate.

  10. The ATC is absolutely **** and utterly ridiculous about fieldcraft training and does not allow weapons or pyro to be used in the field at all. So why wear webbing if your not carrying any ammo or mags?

    He will be issued any kit that he needs for the duration of the training excercise. Fact. His Wing HQ will have stocks of basic PLCE, bergans, bashas, sleeping bags, mess tins and hexi stoves and probably some waterproof clothing too. But considering they don't do proper fieldcraft, or even go outdoors much, he likely won't see any of this kit. My old wing even issued PLCE CEFO to cadets doing the Nijmegen march and made them wear it empty because it looked 'ally'!!!

    I've seen the ATCs Fieldcraft manual - it's fcuking tragic. Most of his instructors military experience is less than the average boy scout, and they will have absolutely no idea how to use it anyway.

    They should concentrate on the very good gliding and leave the muddy, warry stuff alone.

    Cadets, ACF or ATC need:

    Good boots that don't leak
    Goretex waterproofs
    Daysac. (PLCE rocketpacks are good enough)
    Gas stove

    Everything else they should get issued if they need it. You might want your own sleeping bag, but get a liner and you can safely and hygienically use one issued from stores.

    The plan for the ACF is that soon boots and goretex will be standard issue to cadets in a year or two if funding is secured.
  11. I've not yet seen the Fieldcraft ACP but I am hoping to have a look at it next week.

    The nipper is into Bushcraft hence needing the basha and living out of his webbing.

    Mind you, it seems his Squadron has a Regiment Flight (insert roll eyes smiley), due to them having a Rockape as a Service Volunteer. So when you say "Most of his instructors military experience is less than the average boy scout", I think you are being far too generous.
  12. I don't know he might pick up some useful tips from the cadets :D
  13. Or just try and pick up the cadets :twisted:
  14. -tish-boom, ah thank you, Brighton hippy is here all this week....

    I thought 'Regiment Flights' were banned as a matter of national ATC policy. Or is that next week? The Air Cadets HQ is swift to ban anything that might be fun for the boys and girls

    Best add to my list a £140(min) pair of Oakley shades and an Arktis battle vest. :roll:
  15. That actually made me laugh out loud. When I see him I shall write SRDG FLIGHT on an old rankslide and give it to him