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Playstation Store is back... or is it?


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So I, like many thousands of others, have been waiting weeks to claim our two free "thank you" games as well as all the pre-order DLC for the big recent releases like LA Noire. The PS Store allegedly went back online in dribs and drabs yesterday, and has supposedly been up and running all day.

Aside from the fact that I've almost given up on LA Noire for being boring and repetitive (that's a story for another thread, and possibly a review when I've got these exams out the way), I was actually quite looking forward to getting hold of all my free shizzle. I attempted to log into the store on the day it came back (Friday evening) and entered my DLC code for LA-N, to be greeted by a server error. Further attempts to access the content were met with "this code has already been claimed" errors, but no way to check my download or purchase history. To add to my woes, I could see no obvious way of accessing the "Welcome Back" pack that we had all been promised. Nil for two after Round One, so I went to bed.

This morning I thought I'd try again, figuring that every other bugger would have rammed their servers on Friday and it would be groaning under the pressure. Sure enough, there were fewer (although still some) connection errors, and accessing the Welcome Back offer was obvious and relatively simple. I picked my two free games (Infamous for me, Ratchet & Clank for the wench), registered for PS+, and smashed in my LA-N code once more. Everything worked fine and my downloads were all queued.

At this point I realised things could be some time. The downloads wouldn't run in parallel, and weren't getting the best transmission rate. Infamous was a full 7.5 GB, plus another 3GB for R&C and 1GB for my LA-N pack. Still, the PS3 wasn't going anywhere so I left it for the day.

This evening I get back to the console to find Infamous has finally finished. I've cleaned out some old data files to make room on the pitiful 40GB HDD (because I got one of the first PS3s on release... schoolboy error) and proceeded to install the full game locally. After three minutes thinking about it, and getting to around 10% complete, I get bombed out with a "data corruption... please download again" error. Not amused. Still, I figure that in a couple of days time I'll get better data rates so no biggy. Then I get told R&C is also corrupted. At this point I'm seething.

Sony have seen fit to provide us with two free games, plus with the PS+ subscription we can also get Burnout Paradise, Streets of Rage 2, and James Pond (Codename: Robocod) gratis. This is awesome. However, if every installer if fucked from the off then what use is it all, really?

Am I the only one to have come across this? Any recommendations for avoiding it on the next batch of downloads? I really want to try Burnout online, and LA Noire is getting old when I'm only halfway through, so all these errors are making me twitchy.

Feel free to share your own tales of PSN's recent relaunch...
You're not the only one. My PSP has been able to randomly connect via Wi-Fi on my router and I started a download of a Pool/Snooker game I bought last week just before the Store shit the bed. Errors everywhere and they have the $$$ and I still don't have the download. MediaGo connected, allowed me to change the password and re-shit the bed and won't connect to transfer the game to the PSP via my PC - network error when it tries to verify with Sony. So - can't get the game via the network or via Wi-Fi. The store is still broken ...
I tried to download the welcome back games. 1st you had to download the programme to allow you to download the free games 1st, then try and download the games themselves, 1 at a time.

All I got was an error message and it wouldn't allow me to retry.

What a load of ****.
No problems here, Infamous downloaded and playing no problem, still waiting in the zombie shooter one to finish.
Same detail for me. It took quite a while to download inFamous but download it did, about to set mine off on the zombie shooter as I write this.

B_N_M have you not thought about upgrading your HDD, I too have a fatboy and fitted a new HDD last year, the process was both a breeze and pain free.


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Right, the store seems to be a bit more stable now. Has anyone else downloaded Burnout from the PSN+ store?

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