PLaystation Generation

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by Muckster, May 16, 2005.

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  1. Is it me, or are we finding that recruits joining up now (AMS that is) are less likely to be involved in sports and adventure training type pursuits. I can remember the days of being couped up playing Ports Of Call, but still got out for Rugby and stuff.
  2. Totaly agree muckster, At the phase 1 trg centre, I used to try to get the troops chucking a ball about when I was doing extra's ROS at weekends, Not interested, as your thread generation..Hence the demise/poor attendance of the Annual athletics comp and AMS sports in general.
  3. Too true, one of the reasons I got out, trying to organise unit rugby and tug of war teams was nigh on impossible.

    Too interested in being posted near home and going back to mum most of the sprogs, no interest in drinking, whoring and a good old shin dig with the locals, how are you supposed to go to war with people you don't know will watch your back when the shit hits the fan??.

  4. Aaahhhh, those were the days :roll:

  5. And the thread once more returns to Woolwich!! :D :D :D
  6. :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
  7. But wasn't BMH Rinteln better for Rugby? :lol:
  8. i have no problem with the playstation generation,its the only real friend i have, as i am a boring southern shandy drinking poof
  9. ......and alcohol and women (loosely speaking of course :wink: )
  10. lol, what you implying about the women at Rinteln! If you'd have said ladies i would have understood! Thats it i'm never serving at your table for a mess function again D-L :lol:

  11. BMH Rinteln was the best for any sports, but especially rugby, alcohol, parties and food, not the cookhouse of course but there were some great eateries in the area. Hubies Jagerschinitzels were my favourite. If this was still a posting today would everyone be staying in the rooms every night, getting takeaways and playing with themselves (on the Playstations and X boxes I mean)? What a waste that would be.

    The Pram Race up the Klippe was never to be forgotten either. Perhaps today they would have a skate board race up and down the ramp to the front entrance, although that might be a bit too taxing for some :p
  12. Yeah, the good old days...
  13. Aye well as I spent a stint a 4AFA I used to play for Rinteln on a Saturday and we beat near enough everyone, the rugby was great but the Rugby Bar was better!!!!!.
  14. Oh the Asbach......oh the Asbach :twisted:
  15. i totally agree that sport and "recreation" should be an integral part of being a soldier, regardless of cap badge. However, as a non-AMS soldier living in the same accomodation as the MDHU Frimley lot, i'm not at all surprised that sport and pastimes take a back seat to such essentials as sleeping and drinking themselves to death down in the legendary night out that is Aldershot!

    Working 0830-1700 monday-friday, it is easy to slag the playstation generation, however, i could not do their hours and shifts and still have the energy and enthusiasm to go on the jogger for an hour!

    Rant over!