Playstation account info hacked


Aye its been out a while, no on-line play over the bank holiday and it wont be fixed for another week.

Ouch I can see a lot of PS3s' hitting the exchange store for shiny Xboxs' this week!

250gig new Xbox with game is now £149, tempting very tempting!

At least I still have my Blurays!
Just get an Xbox, both of you. There were 8 of us on tonight, we absolutely destroyed everything that was unfortunate enough to find itself on the opposing team.

Good stuff.


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Obviously XBox Live, being such a robust Microsoft system, will be completely immune to any system failures...

This downtime is shit, and makes Sony look stupid, but it's hardly worth jumping ship over.
Errr if you had a PS3 gamer in the house you would have noticed the cries of "woah" for the past 6 days(?). 'It' had to be dragged outside to enjoy the hot weather - yes there is life outside that 'box'. More worrying is the x amount of personal and credit card details the 'hacker' now has to sell...mumble, mumble will have to check for discrepancies now as gamers love "maps".

You tits... Can't get your PS3 to work for a week so you trade it in for Xbox. Think you might have a slight 'addiction' there to be addressed. ;)


I'm surprised a company like Sony couldn't protect their systems from this sort of thing, though I wouldn't be surprised if it was someone with inside knowledge like former employee.

As it's been down for so long I think people would've started using and ill gotten information by now.

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