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Writing on another thread I put a bit about how I was giving my old playstation 2 to a couple who were struggling to buy one for there kids

Another site member pm'd me to very kindly say he had a playstation 2 also if I wanted it
I don't need it but it got me thinking:

Iv'e got a couple old mobile phones kicking about in drawers with nothing wrong with them
At Christmas at least one of the kids will want an up grade to their mp3 ipod thingy ma jig so I wil probably have a spare one of those kicking about to

Is it worth my /Arsse's while contacting some unit reps at Headley Court or Selly oak to see if these phones or Playstation are needed by the lads down there?
I would stick a pay as you go sim card in the phones and the unit could charge them up once a week

I don't know what the lads / lasses down there have got so does anyone know if it's a starter

I know they are second hand and a lot of people with think I am trying to off load junk but I just thought if someone had there own phone to save queing etc and the unit could retain them

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