Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by orificecadet, Feb 1, 2005.

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  1. I have just aquired myself an ipod as you do and was debating what tracks to get for it (not using itunes). So what are peoples 10 ten favourite tracks to go to war with?
  2. Dirt_Diver

    Dirt_Diver LE Moderator

    the wheels on the bus...
    billy smarts circus tune...
    the theme to monty python...
    ride of the valkrie, you know that one from "Apocalypse Now"...

    and that's it. who need needs a top 10 when you have these little hum dingers to munch on?
  3. Shove that London Underground track on it to keep you sane on the Tube!
    That said, I know you're going to want to steal some of my music. Oh, I know what I can give you...
  4. how do you put tracks on without using itunes???
    I've been trying to work it out as it fecks up when I plug it into computer at home etc... bloody crap software!!

  5. A poor workman!!! :lol: Your computer should recognise it(the IPOD)as a new drive when you plug it in,simply drag and drop MP3 files from the location you store then on your computer to this new location and Macks is your six-fingered,ginger-haired,mothers' second cousin(twice removed)
  6. Yeah, that's the one.
    Well, it made me laugh anyway!
  7. well you were almost right abot the ginger hair the rest is nly a benefit...
  8. Outkast - Bombs Over Baghdad

    Apparently the yanks like to play it Apocalypse Now style through the radio system in their Abrams
  9. In no particular order:

    Spiderbait - Black Betty
    Iron Maiden - Run To The Hills
    Wagner - Ride of the Valkyries
    Rob Zombie - Dragula
    Rammstein - Du Hast
    Rammstein - Ich Will
    Metallica - So What?
    The Prodigy - Smack My Bitch Up
    Darude - Sandstorm
    Motorhead - Ace Of Spades

    You can probably spot a certain theme here, and most people will think it's shit, but hey, you asked!
  10. Whilst at school i was lucky enough to be visited by two hm finest officers from the royal regiment who showed us a firepower/effects video to an awesome track. Can anyone who has seen said presentation remember what the music was?
  11. If it's the one I'm thinking of, then Darude - Sandstorm was it.
  12. No, but I watched a better presentation given by two Infantry officers set to The Clash, "I Fought The Law."
  13. Could I reccomend anything by the Ukelele Orchestra of Great Britain?

    They have done a marvellous cover of a Miss Dynnamite track.

    Yours in Alfred Nobel

    Mrs Beaton