Playing with the Big boys - Zulqarnain Haider claims asylum

So Mr Haider has been threatened with his life, and so, in a brazen move to snub his own country and national cricket board, he's made noises (and has according to the BBC) about claiming Political Asylum in the UK. Not sure how the political bit can be achieved considering that the Pakistani Government don't (to my knowledge) persecute sportsmen for not taking a bung.

However that aside, you've got to love the Pakistan Cricket Board's reaction to his claims . . .
"He didn't have confidence in the national team management or Pakistan Cricket Board. If he is such a weak and scared person he should not have played cricket in the first place, particularly not for the national team.
So what exactly is he trying to say? Is he saying that being threatened is par for the course in Pakistan? **** me, I know it's a shitty country but . . .

BBC Sport - Cricket - Pakistan keeper Zulqarnain Haider claims asylum in UK
so this has nothing to do with him:

1. possibly being prosecuted at home for corruption
2. kicked off the national team
3. wants to play county cricket in England to make money

f*ck him, put him back on the first plane home

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