Playing with auto focus.

Discussion in 'Photography' started by Biscuits_Brown, Jan 27, 2013.

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  1. Anyone got a rec on somewhere I could go to practice using the different auto focus modes no my "new" body?

    Need a mixture of approach/retreating & crossing subjects.
  2. Not being funny, but how about a busy road junction?
  3. Seems the obvious choice... But, Belfast, Roads, "Big" camera, current events..... Not saying it's necessarily a recipe for disaster but I'd put money on being questioned about intentions in fairly short order. By officialdom or otherwise.

    Just not keen.
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  4. Local park... dogs are great testers of focus tracking.
  5. Yeah that might do... There's usually birds about too which can be fun.
  6. Sorry, forgot you were in Belfast. PF's idea is also excellent. As dogs do random moves it is a real test of your skills as well.
  7. If it's the D300 you'll be impressed. When I changed to a Canon 5D mk. ii I was horrified how much worse it was by comparison.
  8. Even better have a steady drive to Chanonry point and try taking some dolphin pictures.
    I'll not even show my pathetic attempts. Camp site just up the beach, great way to spend some time.
  9. Unless you've got about £20k to spend on kit, you're not going to equal that chap's efforts. Skill is a big part of it but you're never going to get those sort of results with less than superb equipment.
  10. Fun trying though and it is a great way to spend some time with dolphins.
  11. It's mahoosively different from the D200, in terms of operation it's the only really noticeable difference.

    Want to be at least semi au fait with it before I next need to use it for something I actually want decent shots from.
  12. All I meant was, don't denigrate your own efforts.
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  13. Cheers, didn't expect to see them and I'd a bored Husky pulling me who was more interested in eating seaweed.
    Great place though. My porpoise pictures at John O'Groats were equally bad but worth the boat trip.
  14. I'm a pure amateur photographer, but I enjoy it. You don't need the most expensive SLR to capture some amazing images. I use a Canon EOS 400D. I used a 75-200 lens for these shots:

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  15. I've been saying that about shooting floodlight rugby for years. And there is some truth in it.

    Got friendly with one of the pros at Ravenhill (after lending him batteries!) and said as much one evening. After having a bit of a "debate" about it, he took a D50 (6MP, 800EISO maximum) with a f5.6 200mm prime on it and took a series of shots that, with minimum post processing would have been perfect usable for press purposes. Embarrassing.

    There's a "line", he couldn't have done the same with a phone camera, but once you've hit a certain point on the equipment ladder, as long as you can spot the shot and know how far you can push... It's skill.
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