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This is from the BBC (c)

Major 'guilty of faking battle'

An Indian army major has been found guilty of faking acts of gallantry by a military court.

Major Surinder Singh of the elite Gurkha regiment has been sentenced to three years rigorous imprisonment and dismissed from the army.

The court martial found him guilty of seven charges including faking two battles in 2003 on the Siachen glacier, the world's highest battlefield.

He had claimed that he blew up enemy bunkers and killed Pakistani soldiers.

But media reports said later the killings were staged, with civilian army porters posing as dead Pakistani soldiers.

Major Singh says he plans to appeal against the verdict.

"This is not justice. My commanding officer has made a scapegoat of me," the AFP news agency quotes him as saying at the hearing in the town of Jodhpur in Rajasthan.

It was the first time that a court martial was thrown open to the media.

The scandal broke in May when India's defence ministry confirmed an army unit on the glacier was suspected of exaggerating the number of enemies it had killed.

Media reports said the killings were faked in order to win awards and citations for gallantry.

However, at the time the defence ministry strongly defended the awards system.

A spokesman said: "The system of awards and citations is absolutely foolproof. There is no question of anyone receiving awards and citations on false claims."

India and Pakistan regularly clashed on the 6,300-metre (20,700 ft) glacier until a ceasefire in November last year.
Bloody Walter mitty! 8O

agent smith
I expect he was just getting to write up his version of events in a McNabesque sort of way!
"I expect he was just getting to write up his version of events in a McNabesque sort of way!"

Oh he's got a jurno girlfriend with vivid immagination too.

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