Playing Soldiers with a hint of Study

Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by Parry, Apr 26, 2005.

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  1. Just wondered how you OTC types were coping with the TA and studying, reason I ask is I went on my CMS(R) last October a month or more into Term 1, Year 1 and never really caught up properly. Failing 2 modules in the first term and now 3/4 through Term 2 having to do the missed modules on top of the current ones and on course for failing the year with honours.
  2. Never had any problems with OTC. Staff generally very understanding, there's nothing going on at the unit when uni is demanding. I managed to be fully involved with everything and my uni work didn't suffer (too much). It is ideal in that respect.
  3. I tend to spend far too much of my time at OTC rather than Uni, and consequently will probably come out with a 2:2. Ah well, it's my choice.
    OTC is very clear that you are at University to get a degree first and foremost, and almost expect you to miss the odd weekend or two because of work.
  4. Have recently cut down on my otc comitment but still find any excuse to do something green. Probably cut down just in time to stop getting an "OTC degree" but know far too many people who are at uni just so they can do OTC.
  5. I'm just keeping ahead of failing spectacularly, but not by much. I'm in the same boat as you parry.
    I came to uni to do a degree, but I find it so mind numbingly tedious that I end up doing too much otc to get away from it.
  6. I did 100 days in the last financial year, and that was with slacking off from most weekends and tuesday nights since january. It hasnt done my study any harm but it certainly hasnt done it any good. If I wasnt on excercise I'd have just have been on the piss, it's not like it was a choice of TA or work
  7. What, after missing two weeks? How do you manage that you spaz?
  8. Im a TA bod whilst at uni. Im constantly away, but at uni im a jack b*stard anyway and haven't been to lectures since september and im still passing.

    (Then again I am a first year and I am doing joke subjects - social sciences)
    Im taking next year our to go to the land of sand in order to buy a flat / go to vegas / get 2000 prostitutes in a one nighter.
  9. a man after my own heart
  10. its not OTC that conflicts with my studies, its just my general fat ass laziness
  11. Why the fcuk would someone want to do that? OTC is a good bonus.. not a life choice!
  12. I know the OTC is structured around Uni but how does it work when people bugger of home for the weekend/mid term etc?

    And clownbasher, grow up a is possible to have other stuff going on too.
  13. It tends to just stop. Weekends aren't an issue so much as if there is training most people will turn up. During holiday time some AT is run, various courses might be run but there is no compulsory stuff going on.

    During the exam term the training really steps down.. this term we have 4 nights planned and no weekends. The nights will be more of a social thing to give us a break from studies.

    Usual holidays work like

    Summer - Annual Camp and main AT packages
    Winter - Some AT (skiing)
    Easter - Some AT and MTQ2/3 packages

    Edit: And i've just re-read your post and realised how irrelevant most of this is.

    For people going mid term... it happens, we manage as best as possible. One weekend last term we didn't have quite a few Pl comd staff available, so others get used, we just get a long as best as we can.
  14. Did loads when I was there. No grant, couldn't get another job, no money from parents. Did cheers easy degree, so didn't matter.