Playing MMO's whilst in the Army

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by afartinthefog, Aug 30, 2012.

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  1. Hello I am just about the start basic soon at Catterick and Guild Wars 2 has just been released.

    Now this is a game that I am dying to play but I'm holding off until I have passed basic to get my teeth into it. However I am wondering if there are any personnel in the army which play a lot of time absorbing MMO's and I am wondering how they schedule their army career around playing these games. I understand that I will be very busy and I would like to know when I will have enough spare time to play video games and would I be able to play them if I was on operations?
  2. Good try.

  3. Nope shite try
  4. Do **** off and get a life laddie.
  5. You do what everybody else does who works for a living and play in the evening when you finish work.
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  6. I think you'll be scheduling your playing time around army life, not the other way around.
  7. I think that during the recruitment process they should ask, "what is your favourite fantasy roleplaying game?" and if youanswer anything not remotley like schoolgirl or naughty prisoner then you should be made to join the RAF.
  8. Nice troll. You'd have had a better chance if you didn't ask if you could play while on operations.
  9. Never mind the gaming lark, just imagine what it'll feel like the first time you finger a girl.
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  10. You're joking aren't you? The quality of Army recruiting efforts is thus laid bare.
  11. If only someone would start a thread about this!
  12. Actually I've known people who joined top flight Hardcore raiding Guilds on WoW whilst serving, commiting to several raiding nights a week. Not good for your social life though and people WILL take the piss.......alot.
  13. I want to play WoW's latest expansion Mists of Pandora in a few weeks' time when it releases but my CoC have decided to inconvenience my gaming aspirations & send me to BATUS instead.

    I was going to bang my tabs in at the CSM's office & throw a strop at the injustice of it all until I remembered I was a serving soldier in the regular army & not some ******* spotty teenager who's converted his parents' basement in to his "gaming lair".

    Plus I was rather averse to the idea of being violently decapitated by his pace stick anyway.
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  14. "several raiding nights a week"

    Hmm. Meant something different in my day. But then, that was on planet Earth.
  15. The bad thing is i am part of that team of the great unwashed sundodgers and we have so many of these people (man lovers) who play these games (alternate lives) its scary