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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by WannabeSTABgal, Jan 28, 2005.

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  1. So, you hop along to your local TA Centre and get the forms.

    You meet the people there, and they are nice enough, but why not explore some other options.

    Option 1 makes a lot of sense in terms of what you do civvy-street, but they're not very friendly.

    Option 2 is interesting, and the people are nice etc.

    I'm still vascillating while all the form processing goes on. But what I wonder is: how centralised is the process? I mean, does it matter that local lot have got the application forms and have been sorting them out and asking for further info, Option 1 has already stuck me through a medical and Option 2 want me to fill in all the basic forms again(!)

    And at what point do I have to say which lot I want to go for?

    Feel free to ask for specifics here - I'm just trying to get a feel for all this at the moment...
  2. What the feck are you on about :?

  3. I don't know which bit of the TA I want to join.

    Can't seem to get information out of any of it without filling in forms. Sometimes the same forms.

    Does it matter if one lot processes the forms and I end up joining another unit?

    When do I have to decide.

    Is that clearer?
  4. It is far more complicated than it needs to be, but until you have joined you are not on the system hence you may end up doing a lot of paper work again. However once in you are able to move from one unit to another and your paper work should follow you around :wink:

    If you need more guidance let me know.
  5. Well you've had the sense to ask the question here.

    What do you want out of the TA.

    What do you want to do.

    Work that out and then tell us. Then we'll be able to give you some relevant advice.
  6. Roughly speaking what do you feel like doing? Signals, medics, arty, RLC(snigger)?

    We don't need locations or names of units.

    Your medical malarky shouldn't need to be repeated and once your attested your stuff will follow you around wherever you go, but it doesn't mess as many other people about if you explore options now.
  7. Glad it's not just me!

    OK. Local lot are Sigs - friendly, but I'm not convinced BT in a field (what they said) is really 'me'. I tend to break stuff when I do anything more complicated than wire a plug.

    As a full-time thing, I'm a graduate student in linguisitics (not languages - I do phonology and stuff), so Intelligence would sort of make sense, except that they don't seem to be be over-friendly/welcoming. Maybe this is an attempt to weed out those with romantic notions of James Bond and so on?

    Then, I do St John Ambulance, and I met some of the medic types at the London Soldier event, and they were v positive and nice and I quite like the idea of it - was a qualified life-guard for years and did anatomy and physiology when I qualified as a massage therapist.

    What do I want? Well, keep in touch with the real world a bit, maybe demonstrate I can use some of the skills I've got outside of academia... Broaden horizons, meet people... Opportunities for all that adventurous training malarky (sigs do sailing, which I like and talked about ski trips etc).

    Daresay I'll have a better idea once I'm doing it, and the first year or so seems to be the same whichever lot you get in with (so to speak).

    All (constructive and/or entertaining) advice appreciated.

    Oh, and the mobilisation thing isn't an issue, since, AFAIK as a full-time student I'm not eligible for that.
  8. Would deployment become a problem once you leave full time education? If the answer is yes, you should think long and hard about joining.

    Dont join Sigs for the sailing alone. They are always asking for volunteer crews from around the Army, so you would have the opportunity whatever you join. Dont take the Int on face value. Maybe you just met a tosser. If you have skills which would translate into a TA Carear, you may get more out of your time with the TA.

  9. Not as such, boney - mother would have kittens, but that's her, not me. As things stand I'll be doing my PhD until 2008 though - so it's a while yet, and situations change. Just mentioned it in case there's a radical differnce in terms of the peeps I'm looking at.

    And the transferable skills thing is just it - although it would be more clear-cut if I could speak anything other than English. As it is, research skills / critical thinking about the information available etc is relevant, but a bit harder to pin down, if you see what I mean.

    Partly as well I'm asking here in case there's anything obvious I'm missing - I've only got a certain amount of time / energy I can devote to all this.
  10. Things to consider:

    Are you interested in being TA soldier :D or TA officer 8O ? From what I've seen, officers in the TA get stuck in the office planning all the fun stuff, but then don't get to play as much (nowhere to be seen when the CFT starts) :twisted:

    Do you want to be the army equivalent of your civvy job, or do you want to do something completely different? Many people join to 'get away' from their mundane 9-5 M-F job. :?

    Do you want an active job or one that will help to increase your arrse? If the latter be your choice; choose the AGC or become a chef! :lol:

    Also, you need to consider that, depending on your TA role, you can be called up for mobilisation... student or not. A couple of guys at my uni (different course) went to the gulf and had to defer their final year. But often, it is at the discretion of your CO - mine wouldn't let me go out there, despite my pleading (my final year was going a bit wrong, and I wanted to defer and 'start again', but he made me stay and complete it... I missed two call-ups cos of that... now our lot won't be going for another year :evil: )

    If you're only joining because you assume that you are safe from call-up, it sounds like you are joining for the wrong reasons. Student - TA - money... not a good grounding.

    However, if your reasons for joining are noble ones, then whatever you choose to do, I wish you luck. How about REME - be a vehicle mechanic... you can fix your own car then!! :D Or medic... my friend swears by it - she takes great sadistic pleasure in inflicting pain on the inferior male species - especially on the run up to rag week!! :twisted:
  12. Give her a break for Chrissakes.. :roll:
    She wants to join the TA for the same reasons as everyone else: Rape, Plunder, and Drink... :wink:
  13. In fact... mud, bullets and boys. But close enough.

    OK, in order - no 'spicular ambition to be an orifice. Local lot were trying to encourage my thoughts in that direction, but I had an overdose of patrol leading and Guide Captaining by the time I turned 20 (some years ago). Although I am thoroughly useless when it come to using a map, so maybe they have a point?

    Relative to what I do now... I doubt I could do a real equivalent. Tricky - I'm quite good at what I do, so why not put it to use, but then it's always fun to diversify. Hum. Would prefer to get out in the weather some, in fact. Spend far too much time in a sitting position (car, library, computer screen) for my own good these days. Got half-way fit over the summer with BMF ( and I miss all that.

    And no I'm not joining because of being safe from call-up - just thought I'd mention it to save redundant advice... How does anyone know what they'll think of it before they do it anyway? Nothing ever is as you imagine/expect it to be.

    Have to run now - will be back later...
  14. I take it you are in London.

    Try the HAC.

    They are running an assesment weekend soon, if you go on it you will see what it is all about, then you can decide. The only time you will have to do any paperwork is if you decide that you do want to join at the end of the weekend.

    And they have openings in everything you have just been talking about.

    If you want any further info PM me and I will supply it.