Playing euromillions worldwide?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by fingers_1661, Oct 22, 2011.

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  1. Is this a wind up has the "you can't play unless you're in the UK/EU" rule been circumvented?

    Edit: See posts #7, #8 & #12
  2. I don't know, but read the small print:

    Disclaimer: is affiliated with Camelot UK Lotteries Limited for marketing purposes only. The content and operations of this website have not been approved or endorsed by Camelot UK Lotteries Limited, the National Lottery Commission or SLE. • Privacy • Scams • Contact Us
  3. You can only play Euromillions in EU countries that participate in it. [Not all]
  4. I was very annoyed to find you can’t play while serving in Afghan…
  5. It seemingly suggests you can.

    [/QUOTE]If you live outside the UK then you can play Euromillions and other euro-lotteries online right here thanks to our world-famous lottery concierge service. The process is extremely easy and user-friendly – just click on the link you require and follow the step-by-step instructions that are provided. This will result in your numbers being entered for the European lottery game of your choice and full confirmation of your participation will be sent to you by e-mail for reference purposes. [/QUOTE]

    I followed the links out of curiosity & even went as far as asking the live online advisor but something still doesn't ring true. It seems to suggest that Brits outside UK/EU can participate via their concierge service yet payments are in US$ rather than Euros.

    Is this a Bear Trap or has anyone used it?
  6. There's several sites that do the same - I have had small winnings paid to me through the one I use, but you need to be aware that they take a percentage of your winnings.
  7. Ahoy all, excuse my first post being here but I thought i'd register to help provide some information as I've been doing lots of travelling lately but have been getting my Euromillions tickets twice a week on a standing order.

    From a legal standpoint just about anyone can buy a ticket on your behalf, it's just an agreement you have with them, which you can have from anywhere in the world. Naturally you may not want to trust any old Tom Dick or Harry with your potentially life changing prize sum, however there are a few reputable agents who make good business purchasing tickets on behalf of others.

    Whoah! I had no idea there are sites that exist that take a percentage of your winnings! That's very dodgy there are definitely other sites that don't touch any of your winnings at all. They make their profit by charging a bit extra for the ticket. Happy to pay out big winnings to people because it'll draw more business to their site if their customers are happy winners :D.

    I can't be certain Goku because I haven't been to Afghanistan but the site I use seems happy to accept Euromillions entrants from anywhere in the world. Also have you seen DBKai yet?

    I've been using Euromillions, you can buy your ticket at the - Play Euromillions online! part of the site.

    I've purchased tickets now while in China and the US but I've been transferring the winning amounts to my bank account back in Scotland

    They charge a bit extra for the ticket but i'm just happy to be able to play on my travels and they seem to be the most reputable.

    If anyone wants to take advantage of the 'refer a friend' bonus then by all means PM me your email address and we can get some free entries :p
  8. Thanks Red.

    Edit: Consecutive modest wins (8.40 Euros) were credited to my a/c recently; my point being it works:)
  9. Ah! Glad somebody got some useful information :).

    Congratulations on the big win too ;).

    Are you based in the UK?
  10. If I remember, I buy my tickets online using the official lottery website when I am in afghanistan, but I do use a UK VPN so it looks as though I am purchasing my tickets in the UK
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  11. Ah nice one!

    Don't suppose it fools the BBC iplayer and 4OnDemand services?

    If so please link :D
  12. Hi Red, This enables me to watch UK TV in SE Asia:

    Hide IP - Hide IP address and protect privacy -

    Cabana; Camelot won't pay if you win from AFG hence this thread but I dare say Max Clifford will help soften the blow for a member of HMF! I received GBP 1,500-ish on the UK lottery before a proxy server became necessary for those of us living outside the EU. In my opinion the rule is pants, given I remain a taxpayer & play via my UK account.

    Thanks for the feedback:)
  13. No worries thanks for the link!

    I will recommend it in future, but the trial version does not work in Malta. Not sure if I want to buy something without trialing it first.

    Not that there isn't other places to find Dr Who online though :D
  14. Think what you need is a proxy server ,you should then be able to look at any site, alternatively send me a tenner a week and I`ll buy your ticket..honest mate.