Playing Cowboys and Indians is Racist?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by tuffy52, Jan 30, 2013.

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  1. Native Americans (Indians/Redskins) are up in arms about a Beauty Event! being held in M/c,they say it is the same as 'Blacking Up'.What's the world coming to?.

    Native American anger at
  2. [​IMG]

    “To us, a white woman wearing a war bonnet is the same as someone blacking up"

    Paleface speak with fork tongue.


    I can't quite seem to work out the link between native American culture and this rather impressive Casino complex.
  3. One day someone will take it just a bit too far, and the response of 'Oh, for ****'s sake, piss off' will be cheered up and down the land.

    Not today though.
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  4. him if he wants a 'Wounded Knee'....
  5. Yawn, ask Princess Running Shoes, if she'd like some cheese with that whine.
  6. I hate the word 'racist'. 999/1000 times it is used its a load of drivel.

    If I was to shove a black man into the dirt and say 'why aren't you picking cotton, n*igger?' that's racist. It is being said to be abusive and is directly because of the bloke's skin colour/race. That may not be the legal definition but its my definition.

    This isn't racist. Its some people dressing up, looking slutty and having fun. The wigwam builders are wanting their own little shot of the race card, which people are giving them instead of telling them to go forth and multiply.

    If someone can show me how a handful of people dressing up in costumes that bear a small resemblance to a time beyond living memory, evokes memories of genocide that was carried out by a different set of people all together I'll crawl back under my rock.

    These idiots jumping on the 'offended' bandwagon irritate me.
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  7. Can I just say how deeply I'm offended by Native American women dressing up as Western European women and trying to adopt our literary methods, they just cannot get it right.

    She should stick to starving in a wigwam watching her children die from malnutrition and disease.
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  8. She don't look that native American to me, so was it Mummy and a Native or Mummy and the whole of the 7th Cav? I do hope someone just tells her to wind her neck in, like the way she wears a kneclace of pretty shells just to proof she is a real red injin.
  9. FFS this is on the level of the thai or japenese Nazi themed restaurent more wtf than actual intended to be offensive.
    More suprised theres a native american living up north than apprantly people up north have electrcity and can read.
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  11. Presumably straight men wearing leather chaps and bushy moustaches will now be instantly called homophobic ?
  12. I'd only lazily clicked the link after reading several posts and realised that this was a UK story. FFS it must have been a slow news day at the M.E.N.
    The headline might have read better if it ran along the lines of "Self indulgent attention seeker excercises "right" to be offended at inoffensive publicity stunt then drips about it to local press"
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  13. definately racist to dress up as a savage imagesCAOPYE6R.jpg
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  14. I take it that you see nothing wrong with Gollies, black and white minstrels show, and "I couldn't see him in the dark" type jokes then?

    Do let us know which wing of Strangeways they stick you in as they will if you actually "do" instead of just post.
  15. Why has the Cowboy themed poster annoyed Native Americans? It has NO connectable theme to Indians, and if anything is more connected t teh Immigrant Americans themselves and their contempory culture.