Playing away where 'you hide em?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Joshing-lens, Jul 5, 2012.

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  1. I clean cars for a living and find packs of durex hidden in various places normally in the boot with the tool kit. Yesterday though was a fairly impressive find, a barely perceptible cut in the sun visor with 2 durex placed inside. Wouldn't have found them but for a greasy mark on the sun visor and wondered what the lumpy bit was underneath.

    So where do you hide yours?
  2. Why would you want to hide them in the first place? Apart from in snatches, of course.

  3. i hide them in the envelopes that the gas bill and the credit card bill arrives in
    she wouldnt ever think of looking in there
    handy places for the rohypnol and cable ties aswell
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  4. You could hide it on your cock, its that small they probably wouldn't see it.
  5. I have a little pocket in the side of my ski mask.
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  6. Iron, you seem to be strangely familiar with 3123`s genitalia. Is there something you both want to tell the rest of us?
  7. BATUS and Poland can have long cold nights so there is no disgrace in keeping warm with the lads.....ok I was young and needed the money....I was always told as a NCO you look after your Privates
  8. Are you Polish or African?
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  9. How times change, not only does the whole country look younger (and fatter) but there's all these strange habits too.

    So I take it that people don't write phone numbers on the packets anymore and leave them on the telephone table?

    Do people still use the handy condom pocket in their jeans?
  10. No just broke,

    Re The Iron if you buy em on the tinternet from india they are smaller so you should be ok
  11. Cool, when you order your next batch can you get some for me aswell mate
  12. Mind how you go, I`ve heard that they are sacking all the poofs first.
  13. I don't need to hide mine :)
    Being single means I can just have them in the draw by the bed or in the glove box of the car :)
    Having said that, as a fuck ugly cunt, I never get the chance to use any except as an improvised water bomb :wink:
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  14. You need to be careful buying the Indian ones, they "dry lube" them with curry powder. (speaks the voice of experience)