Playground squabble gone too far

As this case appears to be now concluded, i can comment right?

Family jailed over bully deaths

Now that the parents have been jailed for 32 years each, does this mean that they will not see each other for over quarter a century, and their daughter not for eleven years? Would they get visits from each other?

Although looking at the mother and daughter, the father may be thanking his lucky stars for this one....


Ends the argument about whose dad is the hardest……

Sorry, I’ll get my coat.
If they had murdered a soldier in Belfast they would have probably got out with less than 5 years inside.

If they don't get an appeal, the social workers and probation service will surely weigh in on their side. They will probably be in an open prison, or out in 10.


I always thought that a Judges recommended minimum sentence remained in force unless an appeal was forthcoming. I was under the impression that the parole system was not allowed to circumvent a minimum sentence

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