Playful pup newest recruit to Irish Guards

Discussion in 'MoD News' started by MoD_RSS, Jan 3, 2013.

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  2. That's because he is just a rather large, playful puppy.
  3. Which moron writes this stuff for the MOD?
  4. Do not type "Some ****". Do not type "Some ****".

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  5. Naughty naughty, we aren't in the NAAFI bar you know.
  6. What are you going to do? Get me a puppy? I didn't say "****".

    Give a girl a break!!!!!
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  7. Not being in a Regiment that goes in for such nonsense. Where are these mascots kept in between wearing silly outfits for parades? Do they spend their time cluttering up the RSM's Office or are they left to bimble round camp and scrounge stuff out of the cookhouse bins?
  8. That's not nonsense. The mascot accommpanies the recruitment team, visits cadets, raises money for the Operational Casulties Fund and other things. You're just jealous. Don't know what the Para's Shetland Pony does or the Welsh Reg's goat bu the Irish Guard's mascot works hard.
  9. You said pony.
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  10. Shut up creature.
  11. No I distinctly remember seeing this young whipper-snapper in the local recruiting office asking several pertinent questions although he was having difficulty coming to terms on when the pay goes in each month. Hey ho
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  12. Try the Paras Sluggy although the Irish Wolfhound can grow as big as a small pony
  13. Because it's an official photo? 1st Parade St Patrick's Day 17th March 2013
  14. I think 3RGJ had a mascot once. It was a piglet - crossbred between a pig and a boar possibly. They took it onto quite a serious parade in Berlin, to the huge amusement of the Bde Comd (Not).