Play with TA_sigs career (v)

Hey folks,

Right I've got far too much time on my hands at the moment, what with searching for work and generally enjoying the last bit of free time I expect to have for sometime.

As such there's chance for me to pick up another trade, but what to do? I'm a radop which is all well and good, but what is the ideal addition to it? Need to find something that I can use in civvi strasse too, so prob not relay op. What's the tech training like?

Oh yeah if anyone needs a c3 radop for vhf or such comms on ex, or computing graduate (safety systems are particularly interesting) then give me a shout.
The guy who posted this thread Capped Off is a RS/ICS Op, he's done many IT courses via the TA. Some are bog standard mil courses that TA don't become aware of and the others were 'commercial' courses, maybe an idea to drop him a PM.
I've not done any of them because I have a proper job but I'm hoping to get onto a civilian Airwave course shortly.

p.s. tech doesn't offer anything, the trade relies on what you bring to the party. This all should change in time, I reckon IS will hit the entire TA Sigs shortly (well with a decade)

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