Play up Pompey!

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by bjw824, May 17, 2008.

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  1. I don't believe it. (Shades of Victor Meldrew!). Pompey (my home town when Hilsea Barracks was still active), has won the FA Cup for the 1st time since 1939 :D :D :D
    Not a mention of it so far on this site or on Rum Ration. Does the FA Cup not mean anything any more? :cry:
    Or does no one like Portsmouth? 8O
  2. It's because the big boys weren't allowed to play this year that all the Manc, scouse, chelski and arrsenal fans have kept quiet. If they'd have been in the final, there would have been no end of threads.
  3. Yes, St-Stone, I think you are right.
    Anyway, I am happy :D :D
  4. All started by people who are from nowhere near the club.

    I cant stand 'Arry or the current Pompey team but I'm pleased for the city, supporters and the sport. Well done Portsmouth.
  5. It makes a welcome change, I didn't even know that the FA Cup Final was today due to the lack of any real kind of coverage in the papers.
  6. Backpage of every major daily newspaper, front page of most red tops as well as those 8 page+ inserts your get in the centre with interviews with the brotherof a cousin of former cup winners etc
  7. OK, St-Stone, Det and D-D.
    I'll get them in cos its my round.
    I am going to have a large Cognac with pint of Heineken chaser.
    What's yours?
  8. Stella with a JD chaser.
  9. But if it had been a couple of Prem clubs, the press coverage would have started before Christmas.