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Play The Game

How many times have you been told (and said to others....) to just play the game?

In no doubt the phrase helps us get through dark times -reminding us that it is all just a game -and if that's good enough to get you through those situations, then it surely must be a good thing.
I was once told that you should shine in the dark -not in the light in order to get noticed. The man who told me this was right. I've done ok for myself without upsetting anyone or losing my self respect through brown nosing my superiors.
We have all played the game, be that pub team or premiership.
However, I have seen too many good guys be outdone by complete brown nosing throbbers simply because they can play the game very well. This saddens me indeed.
All members of ARRSE should learn a valuable lesson from this post: Never drink throughout the morning and at lunchtime, jump on the internet and post an utter load of pugwash like this.
However, I have seen too many good guys be outdone by complete brown nosing throbbers simply because they can play the game very well. This saddens me indeed.

Whereas I have seen too many third raters whinging about not being picked up.... :D
I think it's a sad day when i've got an outstanding bloke on a crew who through unfortunate circumstances is now a eight year siggy being outdone by a young deep throater who plays a very good game of yes-sir-no-sir, look how deep i can take it in the rigget sir!
I am outstanding. Well at least I think I am. Promotion eh, remember this, it doesn't make you the person. Your either a cokk or your decent bloke. I think people tend to forget where they have come from. We should be classless, but only the best places work like this. No one person is better than the next because he out ranks you, just do as your told and do it well, you will then have a full and rewarding career, it's easy, oh yeah don't whinge. Play the game, it is not a game a way of life that i bought into, when i joined 18 months ago.
the_guru said:
If he;s outstanding, how me he is an 8 year siggy?
In eight years he should have had approximately 4 x COs, 4, RSMs, 4 x Sqn OCs, 4 x SSMs, 4 x Tp OCs and countless Tp SSgts, Sgts, Det Comds; not to mention desk officers etc at APC. Add to that, the people at ATR/AFC and RSS. I reckon that's maybe 50 people.

And only two people recognised him as outstanding - him and you. Just out of interest, which one of the above are you? If you're one of his OCs, you should have written him up better (Sir).

Ah, playing the game. And it is a game.

First and foremost, its a game of skill. Some people have the skills, and some dont. Those who have the skills achieve, those who dont blaim their lack of achievement on others.

The game is hard, and the rules are complex. Some learn the rules and fail to understand them. Others learn the rules and use them to achieve.

The balls in your court

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