A consumer moan

I spent the afternoon on searching through and putting dvd's in the electronic shopping basket

paid for the order and hit the send button

Order was confirmed by email

Then I got an email saying I should reconsider my order cancel it and re order in groups of ten

Given a "customer care" phone number to ring. Answered by some surly irish bloke who said if I order it in a oner I risked loosing some in the post, I asked if it would all be sent individually if I shortened the order to groups of ten, he why the feck does it matter

Whatever the order size it all get sent individually the "risk" is the same

The bloke on the phone was a royal cnut when I asked how this could be good for business and did want the business and he basically said he didn't give a feck and I should cancel it........................................

Can anyone explain

1. Whats the reason for this no more than 10 items in an order
2. Why are telephone cnuts such cnuts
3. Do want any trade

I feel it is because nowadays it is the pound, not the person that is important. Take your business elsewhere, and make sure you let as many people as possible know why.
I have used them in the past and their customer care is pretty lousy in my experience..
1. Whats the reason for this no more than 10 items in an order
2. Why are telephone cnuts such cnuts
3. Do want any trade
1. Security reasons, to minimise their losses in case you're pulling a scam.

2. All these off-shore based outfits are the worst, i'm surprised you actually had a phone number.

3. Cancel your order and tell em to feck off. Worst comes to worst and you've been charged, get in contact with your credit card company and sort it with them. You did use a credit card didn't you? Always use a credit card when online shoping, you've more protection in law.

Finally, bookmark , best damned site ever.
Talked to them again, at an unspecified level of order they have a secondary security check in place.

This doesn't appear on the online ordering process. Theoretically they rely on their hard working call center gimps to pick it up and put in place the extra checks over the phone

I got the duty cnut who neither understood the system or gave even the vaguest feck about any of it, he basically said feck it cancel it all and go else where

So the system doesn't work, is inexplicably complicated and their personel are dogshoite

Of to amazon for me I think. I ******* HATE SHOITE SERVICE

to be honest I like my online consumer products in one basket, I spunk too much online and loose track of what I've bought

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