Platoon Tactics Courses - 2013?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Twice-the-man, Oct 24, 2012.

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  1. I don't think the School of Infantry publish the dates for the Platoon Tactics Course (or whatever the hell it is called these days, its the 2-week TA equivalent of SCBC I'm referring to) until December / January time and colleague's holidays at my civilian employment are starting to be getting smashed in for next year already; does anyone know a rough idea of when these courses are going to be on next year so I can aim off and get some holidays booked?
  2. Yep. Your PSI.
  3. Good stock, smug answer there. No he doesn't. Take a misc F.
  4. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    No, your PSI should take the misc F.

    If I wanted to help you, I could ask a PSI who would get the answer for me in no time at all, but as neither of you can be bothered I won't either.
  5. I could ask my PSI to look at the Courses book but not only am I small-minded and puerile, my internet is fucked.
  6. Don't see how this translates as me not being bothered but hey ho. As nobody in my CoC can help, rang the School and they told me to wait out til its offically announced and I've had no joy here, I guess I am truly waiting out.
  7. Last one was 26 May-09 Jun12. Bids in for 20 Mar.

    Hope it helps, but dates change from year to year no doubt.
  8. That took, about 1min to find out on DII. ; )

    Your PSI is being lazy
  9. I know the dates of this year's courses and can hazard a guess to what months they will be next year, it was actual dates I was hoping for in order to get in front of the people who use their summer holidays for actual rest and recuperation!
  10. You cannot second guess SCINF or any other school. They will release the dates when they are ready. Unfortunately the holiday dates for your soldier is not really their priority. Wait out
  11. Which of course is the problem. There is very rarely block leave in 1 (Civ) Div; depending on your workplace, you may well be bidding for your holidays 12 months in advance. With only 2 PTC per year it can be hit and miss for units to get their priority candidates for these career courses loaded.

    SCHINF doubtless does not understand the problem that this can cause.
  12. My place is a ******* nightmare, team of 4, no more than one off at any time, plus generous holiday amount combined with the fact the other 3 are like Judith Chalmers, Alan Whicker and Michael Palin = difficult!
  13. Good stock, smug answer there. No he doesn't. Take a misc F.

    Cheers cock. I am a PSI, and i would ring the DSM and ask him.
  14. Well thats knocked me into a cocked hat then hasn't it........................!!!
  15. No wonder your PSI wont help you. Got you sussed hasnt he.