Platoon Tactics Course

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by schoolstaffinstructor, Apr 9, 2008.

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  1. Does anyone have to hand the dates of the next two or three PTC courses

    Many Thanks
  2. How about trying:
    1. Asking your PSI
    2. Asking the Trg Maj
    3. Calling your local Bde Trg Team.
    4. Calling the trg clerk at Brecon.
  3. WTF, Why can't people give a simple answer. At 2230 don't think there will be anyone working
  4. That's not a simple answer!
  5. sorry ,
    i should of quoted the other fella
  6. If you look like your avtar I'll walk to Brecon to get them. But because of the type of course it is I suspect your a bloke!
  7. indeed I am a bloke, but brucey your dam fit?
  8. I'm a twelve year old blond girl called Lucy. Now I'm going to play with my dollies!

    Just read the post below. Now I'm running scared!
  9. dam it! thought I had found my man
  10. at 2230 you dont need to know.