Platoon Sergeant

Right, not professing to be something i'm not - just looking for advice for a UOTC bod.

Platoon Sergeant; obviosuly i've seen all the tactical check lists out the TAM etc, and understand the Plt Sgt deals with admin, the 2 i/cs and CSS considerations. I believe he controls rearwards elements, (51 mm mortar) and Fire Support.

However what are the top tips to being a good Platoon Sgt??? What doesn't the TAM tell you that's going to help you do that little bit better than just goign through the motions?

A good Pl Sgt is one who is robust, intelligent and proactive. He will use his experience to support and mentor his Pl Comd in a way which builds the officer's confidence and ability without giving the impression that he is giving the orders. If the Pl Comd is arogant or reckless (or just bad) it can be the Pl Sgt's role to influence and educate him to change his ways. Good Pl Sgts help to make good junior officers who in turn become good senior officers. The worst Pl Sgts are invariably the ones who claim to be "old school" and the best are those who understand the value in helping their Pl Comd to be a better officer (one day he might be their Coy Comd or Commanding Officer, better make sure he is a good one). If all this is not difficult enough, he also has to get the stuff listed in your TAMs right (discipline, CSS, Pl 2IC, general trouble shooting, etc.), but thats why they get paid the big bucks.

Having re-read your initial post I see that you are after information for the UOTC so this might be a little more conceptual than you were after.
no it's all good, cheers. Probably the bits about passing on experience aren't so relevant! Top tips for exercise as well?
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