Platoon Level Orders for Sections Comds Training

Hi Guys,

Does anyone have on a Word Doc some platoon level orders which I can use to help train some PNCOs in orders extraction? They'll need to extract what info they need, write up their Wng Os and then produce orders using a model.

The request has come a bit short notice and I'm not in the office, so any help appreciated!
Given what you have stated above, you are probably better writing your own scenario, then writing the plt orders for that. From there you can eiher write a 'DS Answer' or just leave the section commanders to find their own answers with a talk through at the end.

chop chop.
Having had a look through the forums it's mostly ACF guys wanting some orders templates. I'm going to write some out myslf over the weekend, but I want them to practice on a couple of sets and don't think I'll have time to write out more than one set. I knew I should have kept the Nirex from Sandhurst...

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