Platoon commanders orders

Now then

Iam after a set of platoon commanders orders tried looking all over for a set but to no avail. I have a set of headings/template documents but does anyone have a set filled out?

which type of orders and have you tried TAMs? there all there, best you can get, unless your trying to obtain for copy, another mans plans?
remember security isn't a dirty word Blackadder


I could give you a set. Now if you can manage to recreate the enemy strengths and dispositions, friendly forces positions, ground, last/first light etc the job will be done for you!
just need a simple set take out 2 enemy trenches with 2 sections and 1 held in reserve.

My imagination just aint that good


Why do you need them? Surely by imagination you actually mean ability?
Never written a set of platoon orders before. I need them to teach extraction of orders.

I am trying to write my own just struggling with them.
a two ups pretty straight forward to plan.

I could give you a set of orders which cover a long left flank on a similar position, but if your left flank takes you over a cliff or a crossing of the river thames onto your FAP then you will look like a real silly billy.

If you dont have AC130 support, then old billy of silly will rear his head again when you announce that big brother yankee will be firing you in to danger close.

orders are specific to the ground, the enemy and your rescourses at hand, and very rarely will you get a generic problem to solve.

you need to sit with a map and your orders (i.e. the orders you were given in order to plan this platoon operation) extract the key information from your orders, apply all of your wisdom and knowledge. bobs your uncle youve got a set of orders.
I do not wish to discourage you but if you have not written pl orders before it is going to be difficult to DS section orders. You shouldn't be teaching anything. :(
How can you teach extraction of orders if you have never given a set? And even worse are struggling to write a set?
I have written section orders before and understand them completely. I just need a set for teaching in a classroom envrioment.
Don’t faze yourself out about platoon orders,

Orders are orders, the only things that increase with size, are the amount manoeuvre groups, enemy strengths and assets available.

If you think they have to be complicated, then you are overcomplicating things.

You have 3 manoeuvre groups, work out how you are going to deal with the problem, write the info down in an orders format and you are done, simple.
Got a orders insert from the e-nirex download and it is much easier now thanks
Just apply the 7 questions and you're off and running, plus 2 up and bags of smoke of course.
Fanbasher said:
isn't it just two up & bags of smoke?
Does this work for naval tactics too?

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