Platoon Commanders at ITW

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Boxy, Jan 26, 2010.

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  1. We were musing the other day about how to free up instructors time to allow for lesson prep, admin and general coffee drinking.

    The suggestion was to give newbie 2nd Lts a chance at man management, command and running a Pln by having a designated Pln Cmdr assigned to each new intake as it comes in through to passout on w/e.

    That way when they return to their units (after the 9 w/e) with an insight as to how the ITW/RTC works.

    How do other ITWs run their intakes? is it a workable idea if it got support from higher?

    As I said this is as a result of a few of us together havering but it may 'have legs'
  2. I wonder given the current topic of the fate UOTC's on another thread, whether there would be any value in trying to get 2Lts from UOTCs in their second/third term to provide this assistance; it would provide a considerably higher challenge than managing a Pl of OCdts. Certainly it would provide UOTCs with a better justification for their existence and might have a knock on effect of training those officers who eventually join the Regulars or the TA. :?
  3. At 4 Div (Malta barracks) each Cadre of 75 (and one starts every month) has a permanently assigned Cadre officer and Cadre SNCO that do exactly what you suggest - but more importantly they are there to create a true Cadre spirit/entity/team (very classic army stuff) - over the 40 plus cadres that we have run since the introduction of CMSR in Oct 06 we have definitley noticed that those that have had a good and dedicated Cadre officer showing bucket loads of leadership and gets everybody working as team do have a lot better completion and pass rates than those who don't.
    Cadre Officers are a mix of our own Capts/WO's and Lt lent to us by the Infantry Bn's - how often does a Lt get to lead large numbers of keen and dedicated soldiers?
    Based on 4 Div's experience I would totally recommend it!
  4. We've asked ... at the moment (in my UOTC) 2Lts are used to run the OTC platoons through the training.

    Suggestions from on high (Bde) that subbies could go on to work at RTCs to work as platoon commanders sounded good, and many were really up for the task, however RHQ OTC seemed less interested in putting any one forward (to the point of bluntly saying "no ... you can't go")

  5. Standing the statement on it's head, doesn't that also infer that some fail because of inadequate leadership, therefore the concept is flawed or, at least, needs increased supervision?


    Or have I misread the statement? Can it be simplified to "those that have had a Cadre officer have a lot better completion and pass rates than those who didn't."
  6. As a RTC we dont get nearly as many SUT as you at 4 Div, the current average seems to be 25-30e.g my w/e (6) has 24 the w/e below (3) also has 24 so not really beyond the scope or skills of a Subbie to man manage,leaving the instructors to get on with the actual teaching.
  7. Giving up that many weekends in the 3rd year of ones degree? It just wont happen.
  8. Hence the suggestion that the subbies only stay for 1 or possibly 2 cycles (9 or 18 weekends in training)
  9. Remember, though, that the Tp/Pl Comds at the various Regular schools are experienced Lts/Capts, not someone straight out of the Chappy Factory.

    While this suggestion is admirable I would question how much experience a freshly minted TA 2Lt (or gasp UOTC Gp B 2Lt) would have to be of any use in this role.

    Remember (a) that they should be busy enough with their own Tp/Pl/personal development & (b) that there could be a severe risk of them pissing off SUTs who are not even of their own capbadge, leading the latter to jack during training.
  10. True enough, I see your point, as said these were just musings and I s'pose that there isnt exactly a surplus of subbies around.
  11. I think the Platoon SNCOs have as big an impact, if not bigger given that they spend more time with the SUTs than the Platoon Commander.

    But maybe I would say that...
  12. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Quite right - that ruler writing won't happen without your pacific input! :D
  14. Ah yes, producing the STAG ROSTA...
  15. BB is totally right - it needs to be a sucessful double act between Cadre Officer and SNCO (and from where I'm sitting its the SNCO that is key)