Platoon Charlie


Hello again im doing a search for my Grandad he wants to now if anyone in here at all was inthe army of platoon charlie 1954-1955 east yorkshire beverly hull, He would like to know as may want to talk with old friends! I would be great if some one got back to me who was in that platoon thank you xxx :eek: :eek: :eek:
There's a chance that your Granddad might have been a boysoldier with the Royal Corps of Signals who did their training at Beverly after world war two. If he was in the Royal Corps of Signals there, I can put you in touch with an association for them where he is bound to meet old friends from that time.

Check with him and get back to me - good luck!


I rang him and asked him and he said he wasnt in the Royal corps of signals he said he was in East yorks regemint, based at barreley ,in the signals malaya..1954-1956
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