Plate Carriers

Does anybody know the official policy on stripping down the Osprey and just wearing the plates, i know of guys that have bought Plate carriers and have done just that. Obviously i am aware of the decreased protection etc that just wearing the plates will provide, however IMHO freedom of movement and the ability to move quickly can be just as much protection in itself.
Does anybody know of anyone that has done this also, and if so could you shed some light, because if its allowed i know i and afew others are toying with doing it.
Makes little sense to me. Spending alot of money on something that could be banned in theatre after the first lad using one gets killed!
The answer to this one is simple. Don't do it.

The Osprey plate needs the frag backing to dissipate the transmitted forces when a bullet hits it. The material helps spread the load and reduces behind armour blunt trauma (BABT). Osprey plate were designed to be used as part of the complete system.

There has been a quantity of plate carriers sent to theatre on a trial. Additional quantities will go out in March. These 'official' plate carriers are the systems reaction to troops requests for ballistic only protection which has been sanctioned by commanders in certain circumstances.

These carriers have an additional backing insert behind the plate and have been tested against the threat rounds to make sure that the BABT is within tolerances. If all goes well this could be offered as part of a modular ballistic system for some troops in particular operations.

Using the unit\local tailor to knock up some carriers or buying the more substantial industry designed ones significantly increases the chances of the plate failing to do its job as well as it could.

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