Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by cheese_ranger, Dec 25, 2008.

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  1. Has anybody used PLAT A TAC kit?
    I looked at ASSAULT ORDER Uk's website and they stock a lot of their stuff that is available in dpm and seems well priced.
    Is it worth the money or is it crap?
  2. utter rubbish- don't touch it
  3. Absolute rubbish as a rule, but they do have a couple of odd gems,

    I carried one of these as a radio bag at one point, and was so impressed I picked one up myself as a daypack. Very very impressed with the quality, construction and thought thats gone into this little daypack. Can't say the same about much else of 'Crapatac' gear. Dont go near their ammunition pouches or load carrying gear. Seen bad things.


    Best Aussie supplier for chest rigs/PLCE would probably be SORD, they do most of their stuff in a generic olive/tan colours.
  4. actually second thoughts- their cool under shirt, under armour shirts are good. Webbing/vests are a shocker though.
  5. Thanks for the advice, some of the prices did seem to good to be true.
    will be avoiding them then
  6. Have just brought what looks to be a good design of a6 nirex come notepad holder.

    Wait out for a review. Have heard great things about the msm daysack.
  7. Plait a TAC :? Must be a money saving idea post TA review :D
  8. Have now got the notepad holder. Am impressed with the design. I have gone through many different forms of nirex/tam/notebooks. Started off with A5 Nirex for orders then evolved onto tam and notebook only on AACC as it was far easier and less to carry. Then went to a standard A6 notepad holder but it just didnt fit the bill as you couldn't easily access all the info you needed.

    This design is exactly what I was after on Herrick 8. Holds an A6 nirex (hardback is best) for all crib cards and aides-memoire. It holds a A6 waterproof notebook next to it allowing easy reference to the nirex. It also has a flap with a clear panel on either side that could be used for a multitude of sins from a range card, route card or very small spot map.

    Seems well built and hard wearing using genuine cordura - it remains to be seen whether it will stand the test but looks promising. I would recommend this design, I couldn't speak for their bigger stuff, I get the impression that the design is good but the build quality is not.
  9. Usually poor quality, glows in the dark(infra red), single seams
  10. Interestingly double seems everywhere on the notebook holder. Maybe they have been listening.
  11. If your going to buy Aussie gear, go with SORD.
  12. I will vouch for the 'Brit Zip Notebook holder' big time,

    Bought mine a couple of years ago, and have since utterly abused the fk out of it. It has been rained on, gone swimming in mud, dust, water, salt water, been rained on some more, trodden on, thrown and anything else you can think to do to it, and the zips and seams are all still A1 condition. Very impressed, and if I ever manage to break it, I will definately be buying another.

    Best feature in my opinion is the zip closure, keeps dirt and sh*t out of your notebook and vui tui when its swimming around in a minimi pouch or on the ground.

    Similar experience to the daypack, platatac seem to do good quality small stuff, but I wouldn't touch the webbing or packs with a ten foot pole. Seen people using their ammunition pouches and harnesses, they shine, glow in the dark and fall apart in days.
  13. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    I'm loving this for my next business trip:

    195 AUD = £95
  14. a tactical wheely case.
    possibly the least alliest bit of kit ever made.
    if you own that you are a kit tart and such a remf air soft player mock you :)
  15. think a few people are a bit out of date

    plat a tac did use to have mixed reviews - they have upped their game quality control is high and they offer good guarantees which come through assaultorderuk - since they supply Aussie SASR and allegedly our SASS and SBS on occasion they must have listened to the right people

    IRR is now available in most colours and I used their shingle pouches on Herrick last year on my Osprey and had to buy extra in for the lads!

    the notepad holders are innovative and the MSM pack is hard to get hold of and better than Blackhawk amongst many others and unlike SORD things are in stock without massive delays

    clever kit well thought out if you ask me