Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Martin2445, Jun 23, 2013.

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  1. Okay - I hope I'm in the correct place. I'm having a go at writing a thriller with a time twist. The protagonist uses plasticuffs (or as we call them on building sites, cable ties) back in 1990. The question is... were they in common use back then ( I remember we used to wind them round our helmets under the cover back in the late nineties, but earlier than that I've drawn a blank). Hoping the Arrse community can help me.:thumleft:
    Bit of background; a cop is on the case, and it's the MO of this guy to use them on, er, people he doesn't get on with. I'm hoping it was a thing that wasn't practised back then, thus making him stand out.
  2. yes but were small and if you backed them up you could make them bigger, or if you put the on thumbs really tight then smacked the thumbs really hard you cant get them off.
  3. We were carrying them up at Faslane in 94.

    No idea about 1990 though as I was a snotty teenager then.
  4. I was using them in 1990.
  5. Hiya Dave - thanks for that mate; I went out and bought a pack of big black ones from a sparkys retailer and dished them out to my section circa 97 ... could the skinny little ones have just been whatever was nabbed from REME at the time? And how long ago do you remember doing it? I joined in 88 and can't remember it being mentioned/done till mid nineties if not later.
    It's the clue that draws the cops' attention to my character... unless it was in common use, which kinda makes it redundant and therefore back to the drawing board for a similar quirky change. A bit like Life on Mars, where he 'invents' ideas.
  6. Thanks Badger Head. That one's a non-starter then.
  7. 1990?

    We were using them nicking people on Raves then. They were the big feckers, about 18" long and coloured white
  8. They were in use during the middle 70's as I recall. We used then in lieu of locking wire on some thing, such as oxygen masks.
  9. Had the big white ones in the late 70's, tucked into the flack jackets...and for whipping eachother 'round the neck when bored.
  10. how about jubillee clips? on thumbs, you put the back of hands together, and tie the thumbs together, and little fingers, thats unusual behaviour, or my fave superglue the hands to private parts,
  11. Thank you very much ladies and gentlemen of Arrse. I will now have to think of something else that is common practice now but would have raised eyebrows in the time of the Madchester scene, a temporal clash making an activity mundane and obvious today something which would trip up my perp back then. Such as putting a Wants Ad for an iPhone in Admag. Or betting on Mo Farah.
  12. lottery ticket simples
  13. Yep, but they were actual cable ties back then, 2 looped together and carried loose then tightened. "Plasticuffs" are a different thing using the same "clicky" lock


    Cable tie thumb cuffs