Plastic surgery - value for money

She thought plastic surgery was worth every penny


Just for the record...I would

Gout Man

Book Reviewer
You had best wear gloves as when his lips explode from the impact, you’ll get whatever shïte comes flying out all over your hand.....
He’s probably had worse experiences.
My next door neighbour paid £5000 for a penis extension.
His house looks really stupid now.
Is it still alive? If so it must be due an upgrade.
google for 'face transplant' images, they all look better than whatever the fuck that is supposed to be
Try as I might, I can't work out how your friend having his lips filled would affect his piles.
Have your arrse lips filled maybe, can anyone with experience in such matters comment further?
Surely having your arse filled would poke your piles back in?
I'm sure there is someone, on this very site who we can ask about this kind of activity.

I just can't quite think who it is...
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