Plastic surgery and the gene pool

The mod mistakenly shifted this into 'internet links etc' a while back but I wanted to discuss it so here goes:

I can't understand plastic surgery on perfectly acceptable tits but I do have a certain amount of sympathy for born-ugly people wishing to change their appearance. I think though that they should meet us half-way by allowing themselves to be marked in some way to prevent problems later when it comes to having children with them. Re-treaded tyres are marked so why not humans? Look at this woman and imagine not finding out about her big-nose history until you were holding her hand as she gave birth to your first child. "I'm sorry, we seem to be having a couple of problems Miss Wellington... Your baby's nose is preventing the rest of its body from entering the uterus...." Oh, f#cking thanks you tw#t!

A discrete E5(NOSE) tattooed behind the ear or in the armpit would have prevented this I reckon. It's a good move all round as a. The ex-bignose has his/her desired increased sense of well-being after the surgery and b. future partners are afforded the opportunity to make an informed decision about whether to breed with her. Seems fair enough to me!


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JEEEEEEEEZ! thats some nose!!
Yep. Just imagine her daughter's little button nose slowly, steadily and to everyone not in the know, incomprehensively, growing every year. 'Mummy, everyone hates me in school!' 'Look you - if I'd kept the nose I was born with you wouldn't even be alive never mind getting bullied!' 'We'll start thinking about getting it fixed when your periods start'. 'Oh, and the next time you have a cold, use the towels we bought you and not the ones from the bathroom.'

Stamp them all I say... And don't get me started on sad, inadequate women hiding behind silicone whoppers...
She could have let me enter her from behind whilst banging her head off of the headboard. That would have flattened her nose.

Could you have Nasal Sex with her....nostrils being that big and all?

Like this, i'd shove my cock up there.


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Proof that plastic surgery doesn't make you feel better about yourself. Take another look at athe before and after photos. She's got the same stroppy 'I'm a miserable ginger twat' expression in both.

Die your hair and buy a low-cut top love, it's the only way you're going to get laid.


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