Plastic Pubs?

A question honoured fellow arrsers!
Plastic Pubs do they still exist and does anybody have any pics, interior and or exterior?
Be nice to know! :)
Ballykiliner had one (85-87) But was shut due to been rotten, and full of rats. And I remember one at RAF Aldergrove (92) that was opened for those who were the BRB who were doing mid tour training. That was shite as well.
ugly said:
I recall getting well frazzled at the one in Omagh, run by the unit rather than the NAAFI!
Still there but empty like the rest of the camp. You could make the MOD an offer and set it up in your back garden. The ultimate Lisanelly souvenir!


I have enough memories of Lisanelly without a constant reminder in my garden!
Or should that read mental scars and physical reminders.


I dont recall it when I was passing through in 86 , PWO were resident so we mainly used the NAAFI. It would have been better when the RWF were there as they were great fun!
The Paggy Pub on the Strip in Thiepval.

It didn't get used much - too much competition in the other bars....

Now can someone name them?

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